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We had a party last weekend and this is what we prepared. It was mostly focused on starters so much that the main dishes got unattended. By the time it was time for the main course, nobody was willing to even move.However we managed to get them to taste and they loved the Dosa with Chittinad Chicken Curry and Vengaya Sambar.

Daddy had chopped up so much fruits and we had huge big bowls of custard made, so we ended up with huge portion of custard, even though they had two helpings.

I must say it was more of a starter and a dessert party!

The new dishes made were Coriander Cashew Chicken, which will follow soon.

Party Menu 5

Venue : Home
Number : 12

Our Dinner Party Menu was:

Mango Fruit Juice (Store bought)


Onion, Cucumber, Carrot Salad

Veg Starters:

French Fries
Cashew Pepper Masala
Meddu Vada

Non Veg Starters:

Chicken Nuggets (Store bought)
Hara Bara Kabab
Mutton Balls
Coriander Cashew Chicken

Main Dishes

Chettinad Chicken Kulambu, Tamil Nadu Style
Chenna Vengaya Sambar
Pepper Cumin Rasam,
Plain Rice
Homemade Curds


Fruits with Custard

Hope this menu will help out.



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