Announcing Side Dish Mela with Giveaways

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When one talks about Indian Meal, one can’t ignore the fact that most times Side dish becomes the main dish. Recently I had “Main Course” as a theme in Blogging Marathon. Though I have always been confused as to what we exactly what a main course or a side dish, going through the different sites, made it clear that nobody is clear. Well we define, we have either Rice or Roti as the dish which is eaten with a side dish that is gravy. If it is roti, you dip into the gravy and eat, with rice you simply mix and eat. So Roti and Rice become the main course? However one can’t just eat Rice and Roti as such if it’s not stuffed or mixed rice.
So here comes the side dish into focus. When I was thinking what to have as the theme for the next Mela, this naturally came into mind.
That brings me to another interesting news. I wanted to make this Mela even more special by giving away two books written by Sandeepa, my blogger friend turned Author. Her book Bong Mom’s Cookbook, must be just as wonderful as how her blog is. I have been wanting to get hold of the book. And I have been wanting to do this Giveaway since the last mela, somehow missed doing it.
So here it is finally!
I got to know her when she hosted RCI Bengal. Since I knew nothing of Bengali, her space was the only source I could refer. I cooked all my entries from her place and the cooking experience has surely got me closer to Bengali Cuisine. I have been hooked to her space since the time I read her first. It was a proud moment when I came to know that she was publishing her own book, especially more like her blog, a memoir. I know how wonderful the book must be.
More on her and her book reviews, you can read here.

I am giving away two of her books, one for the readers and one for the bloggers who are going to submit the entries.

For the Readers, to be eligible for this giveaway all you have to share in the comment box is about a side dish that you love to eat and what it is paired with. This will be a random selection. Giveaway for the readers is open from now until 30th Sep. Winners will be announced either during first week of Oct or during Event Round up.

For the bloggers, it may be based on the maximum number of entries/ Best picture / Best Side dish. It could be any of these three. I might be asking Sandeepa, if she has time to spare or my other friends.
Winners will be announced during the Event Round up

There is no catch anywhere. I will not be asking you to like my Facebook page or subscribe to my blog. Participation as per the above would suffice.

The book will be shipped globally.

If you want to know the details of her books, click these links

Book on FlipKart

Book on Amazon India


Coming to the entries, from now until October 20th, blog on your space, about a side dish that you can pair with either Bread or Rice, and send them across. It is not mandatory to feature the Bread or rice in the picture. A picture of the side dish is enough. It can be either dry or gravy, however it should be something that can be serve as such with either Rotis or Rice.

From now till October 20th 2013, cook any side dish and link them in the linky tool!
  •     Link back to this announcement is mandatory
  •     Usage of the logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word.
  •     Both Veg and Non Veg are are accepted.
  •     Multiple entries are accepted.
  •     The post should have a mandatory picture of the dish.
  •    Archive entries after June 2013 are accepted, provided it has a link back to this announcement.
Any questions, please send them to**This is closed for comments, Winner will be announced shortly***

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  1. Valli, is the deadline Sept 20th or Oct 20th? The linky is open for 47 days but in the announcement you said September 20th is the last date.

    Anyway, will try to send in something for the event.

  2. Srivalli, it's really nice to see this event on your site. Congrats on your book, Sandeepa.

    My personal favorite as well as my family's is the mixed vegetable pachadi / raita which we cant do without, especially if we are eating biryani.

  3. Usha, Thank you for pointing it out. Guess I got confused with the dates myself..:)..The last date for the entries is Oct 20th. Giveaway for the readers gets over by 20th Sep.

  4. I have heard a lot about Sandeepa's cook book froma friend who has it.. would be thrilled to own one too.
    My personal favourite side dish is Dal ..Nothing can beat the comfort of dal chawal.. I can eat everyday without getting tired.

  5. I always read your posts but never comment….according to me your a super woman ….managing 3 kids, job and cooking so many items…..I cannot do 1/3 of that….by the way my fav side dish is rajma or channa masala paired with roti garnished with onions and lemon wedge. Divya.

  6. Hai…
    nice event sister…
    It will be more helpful for me because am always confusing with the sidishes..

    my fav is Naan with butter paneer masala and chappaty with cauliflower gravy(ur version)


  7. Srivalli the way you manage so many events at the same time and also manage to post is something breath taking.. How do you keep up with family, blogging and job? And the way you host it is very good, very professional.. Some bloggers make it a rule to become a follower or like the facebook.. If I must be a follower, it must only be becoz I like that site and its contents so much.. not just to enter an event.. Well said! There is no catch at all!

  8. I've been enjoying Bong Mom's blog for a while now and would love to have her book!

    Lately one of my favorite side dishes is Spicy Cucumber Wedges from Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cooking. The dish can be put together quickly with ingredients that are usually on hand. I use it either as a starter, to munch on while the rest of dinner is getting ready, or as a side to most any Indian-ish meal, especially one where some fresh crunchiness is a complement.

  9. First of all, a big thanks to you Srivalli for sharing your mouth-watering recipes with all of us. And now this giveaway announcement is just like the icing on the cake. When it comes to side dishes, my favourite one has to be prawn or chingri malaikari, especially the one cooked by my mom, paired with fragrant basmati rice.

  10. Oh Valli… i salute you, on how u manage all these things..U r a supermom… for all reasons.. not only cox of this blog but in all sense.. Lemme correct'Super Woman' your time management is so great…. U have so many events happening on your blog.. It is really good for buddings bloggers to get exposed and experience and learn about different cuisines…
    Coming to this event and side dish.. my favourite is chappathi and spicy fish curry and in veg i go for mushroom masala…
    I have linked my recipes no: 54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62

  11. Hi Valli, thank you so much for the giveaway! My fav side dish is Erissery, a mix of veggies with ground coconut. And I love to have it with Rice 🙂

  12. Hi valli ,
    very nice event..
    have linked 2 entries for the event : Curry leaves chutney n ladys finger sasime.. Would try to link more ..
    My fav is phulkas with aloo methi, rice n curry leaves chutney .

  13. Hi Valli,
    What an excellent idea for the giveaway! My favorite side dish is chana dal chutney powder.
    Variation 1: Have it with curd rice.
    Variation 2: Mix it with leftover fried oil/ghee and have it with hot rice.
    Variation 3: Grind with freshly grated coconut to have it with idli, dosa, akki rotti(Karnataka dish) or any type of paratha.

  14. Hi Valli,
    I like okra gojju(as we call it in Kannada) with plain white rice, rasam rice, curd rice or even plain parathas.

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