Memories the Essence of Life ~ Best of 2013!

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Is it already 31st, the last day of the year, were the thoughts that plagued me when I woke up early this morning. I was already delayed in posting my final post for the Bake-a-thon and didn’t have time for this post. So I had to convince for a late evening posting. Pondering and wanting to do this post, always gets me so nostalgic. It’s been the same over the years. Every year we feel has passed off so quickly.

Yet when a take a moment off, I remember events that took me through each month and I have been glad that I have experienced some of the best things that I am fortunate to know and learn.

I have managed to post about apprx. 100 recipes in Cooking 4 all Seasons and about 185 in Spice your Life!. Though I could have done better, I guess one must learn to accept things as they come.

On personal front, we traveled twice to our in laws place and that covered some months in between. And on blogging front, I had one of the best moments of my life, when I traveled with fellow Chennai Bloggers to Ahmedabad for celebrating our BM’s 25th Edition anniversary. That was my first ever travel to spend time with my friends, many of the people whom I was meeting for the first time. The three days we spent with each other will always be the most cherished and memorable part of my blogging experience. Of course all that would not have been possible if not for Vaishali and her family. their hospitality and warmth, is not something I can simply express with words. The bond and the friendship that was cemented during that time, goes beyond just food blogging.

Though as per the rules of the Best of the Year Event, I generally ask you to share your Best top posts, Best Recipes etc etc. I also would simply love reading what you feel about the year that’s on it’s way and the year we are looking ahead. I am never a person to make resolutions or things to do in the new year. Except yes to learn and discover many new things in the new year and enjoy every moment as we wade through it.

In terms of writing down and doing things that we plan, I have the Cooking from Cookbook Challenge, that’s got me browsing through my collection and cooking. Though every year I write about the dishes that managed to meet the blog, this year I decided to just not do that. Still this is part of the Best of the Year post.

Today’s post is more so to thank all of you, who have taken a moment to read me and leave your comments. Though in stats wise, the blog seem to have gone down very badly, I am sure to whom this spaces matters apart from me, have always come back to check me out. To all of you, thank you for making this space my most favorite one.

Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

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  1. And let me thank you for reading, commenting and motivating me at all times Valli. I love being part of BM, and hope it stays this way in the coming year as well 🙂

    Happy 2014 to you and your family 🙂

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