Badam Mix Muffin | Indian Flavoured Muffins with Ready Made Badam Mix

For the final day of packing Kid’s Lunch Box with Nuts and Legumes, I opted for a Muffin that has nut flour and nuts. For kids who never like to taste anything other than chocolate and nothing with nuts on, this was a huge risk I was taking. Infact I never thought my boys would even venture to taste it. I was basically telling Konda that I decided to make this muffin and she ought to take it for me. 
To my surprise, my boys got interested and wanted to taste. After the first bite, they wanted to finish it off and so much so that, they even wanted to carry it for their snack box. I was initially planning to click pictures in their snack box, but forgot when I actually got down clicking it. As I said, I was completely clueless when I was thinking what I should make with this theme. So it only goes to say that when we sit and think about it, we will end up getting good options.
Even if I am saying it myself, I thought I made the best use of the
Ready Made Badam Mix powder. I normally make the badam powder myself at
home. However when MTR introduced the Badam Mix, I got it for Hubby
dear. He didn’t like it much and I was thinking of other ways of using
it. I had made a Badam Ice cream before. Then I somehow used it up.
when I got the Gulab Jamun Mix, this pack was given with it and I had
no option but to think how else to use it. Just imagine, this thought
came when I was about to take my nap last Sunday afternoon and after
that I couldn’t sleep. I quickly got up and made this batch of Badam
Since the mix has saffron and cardamon, you get that typical Indian Sweet Flavour in the Muffin. I should have baked it directly in a mini muffin but I over calculated the filling and did in a regular liner. Anyway the muffin turned out very soft and with the right amount of sweet. As the mix has sugar added, you will have to be careful with adding it.

Badam Mix Muffin
Ingredients Needed:

MTR Badam Mix – 1/2 cup
All purpose flour – 1/2 cup
Condensed Milk – 2 tbsp
Baking powder – 1 tsp
Butter, melted – 1/2 cup
Milk as required to mix the batter
Almonds, chopped for garnish

How to make the Badam Mix

In a bowl, take the badam mix and flour, mix in the baking powder. Whisk well.

Then add the condensed milk, melted butter. Add milk by teaspoon to get a dropping consistency batter.

Line a muffin tray, fill in to 3/4th of the cup liners, then top with chopped badam.

Bake in a pre heated oven at 185 C for 15 mins, then at 175 C for 7 mins.

Let it cool before digging in.

Sending this to my Kid’s Delight, themed on Nuts and Legumes for a Lunchbox Friendly dish

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Badam Mix Muffin | Indian Flavoured Muffins with Ready Made Badam Mix
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