South Indian Non Veg Thali Menu List 6 ~ Prawns Gravy

Prawn Non Veg Thali

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Prawns Gravy Non Veg Thali Menu features Prawns Biryani, Prawns Curry, Poori, along with other dishes to make a complete Thali. This is the final nonveg thali featured in this theme.

In the Seafood, we only cook Fish and Prawns. Both are available only during the season and so when it is easily available, we try to make gravy and biryani with Prawns. When the Prawns Curry is prepared, Amma makes Pooris which is supposed to make an excellent pairing.

What else can you add in Prawns Curry Non Veg Thali Menu?

For the final Nonveg thali, we decided to feature a Biryani, Curry and Indian Bread. I had originally planned for a Prawn Roast that was served with a Chicken Biryani. When I had prepared all the previous non veg thalis and realized that this final one was not meeting the expectations, Amma said we could make another one.

So here we are with a Prawns Biryani, a gravy with poori along with Rasam for the rest of us. Since we felt the thali was incomplete with a sweet, we quickly made these sweet maida biscuits which was so common growing at home. Of course everybody calls it Shakarpara, there are so many ways to make this one.

The Prawns Biryani, and Prawns Gravy are new recipes in this Thali. However, I was not able to find the Biryani pictures, even though I remember clicking them. I could only find the gravy step by step pictures. I have already shared a Prawns Dum Biryani before that everybody loves.

When we are not making Biryani, Amma ends up making Prawns Gravy, that she serves with Poori. This is one of the family’s favorite combinations. If you want some more dishes to include in the thali, you can make Prawns Pakoda as well.

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In the final Thali, I have the Prawns Curry to share!

Prawn Non Veg Thali

Non Veg Thali with Prawns

Prawns Dum Biryani
Prawns Gravy
Onion Raita
Garlic Rasam
Steamed Rice

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