Announcing the “Best of year 2008” Event!

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As the year closes down to its final month, we always get that feeling of excitement for the coming New year. Yet I also always feel nostalgic and sometimes sad, thinking and knowing the days, the months that passed away, will never come back. This is the time we feel its time to think back, to think back on the days and memories each day created for us. Those special moments that will forever remain fresh in your minds and hearts.

There would have been highs and lows in all walks of life. The last week of December always buzzes with the happenings of the year long and that compels us to think back on those important moments in life! I always end up thinking what passed and whats going to come. We hardly ever get time to relax and enjoy the moment. Many such moments pass away, yet we never pause to think on those.

Coming to blogging, most of the times, I hardly get to go back and read my old posts. So this time is the best, to take time to read back and think on how I can plan for next year! That brings to mind that everybody would find it interesting to do this exercise.

My blog is a reflection of what I learn from my Amma and Athamma and my own creations, along with how my family reacted to them. So there are bound to be some favorites. Last year I had great fun doing something similar. So I thought why not again take a stock of what I did during the Year 2007!

This will be a great chance to know all our fellow blogger’s Year’s Best and Favorite! The number of food blogs coming up are so many and this will be a perfect chance to know about what has gone into these months. So a review of their Year’s best will be a great way to know what they felt was the best and which recipes were challenging? Which new recipe became a regular on dinner table? Which one will continue to rock your foodie thoughts? What are you plans for the coming year? What are your resolutions?

So let me cordially invite all my dear fellow bloggers to share their “Year’s Best” in an event that does not require you to cook, click foodie pictures, anything. Just doing a recap of your own sweet blog.

I am just giving few items for you to get started. It can be these or whatever you want to share:

1. Top 5 or 10 recipes of the year
2. Best dish of the month
3. Best recipe prepared from other blogs
4. Best Meal of the year
5 New things discovered in the year (can include anything related to cooking)
6. Best post or picture for each month or year
7. New blogs discovered
8. Cooking resolutions for the Year 2009!

Lets celebrate the new year with a recap of what we did during 2008!

Guidelines for the event.

1. Write your post by 1st January 2009. Feel free to use logo.

2. In your post, include a link to this announcement.

3. Mail me your details to with the subject line “Best of 2008”.

I hope you will enjoy doing this recap. Looking forward to read your exciting post and of course your feedbacks are most welcome!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hey sounds like a gr8 event but unfortunately i won’t be able to participate in this event as i am new to blogging (started in Oct 2008) so i won’t be having much to right about..but good luck to all, i will participate next year for sure.

  2. HI Srivalli one doubt the points mentioned from 1 to 8 can i include all of them in the post do let me knw,..nic event i am inm,..nd ya i am feeling so bad i missed rice mela,…:-( due to blog break,…

  3. Hi

    i just started a new blog from october 2008.. I have almost 38 recipes!!!can i join in this event? Pls email me!!!


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