Announcing Condiment Mela

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After the Sandwich Mela, I surely wanted a different one to host. My thoughts went back to the time I wanted to do one on Condiments. I was thinking for a long time if the name really rhymed. Then thought name really doesn’t matter, what matters most is what dishes that one is going to make.

Condiments are one of those indispensable items in a meal. It plays a vital role in all the cuisines and coming to Indian Cuisine, the list is endless. The countless chutneys, pickles, sauces and some more that can be found in Indian cuisine is just too many to select from.

According to wiki, a condiment is sauce or seasoning added to food to impart a particular flavor or, in some cultures, to complement the dish. They may also be dry, such as a mixture of herbs and seasonings. Many condiments are available packaged in single-serving packets (sachets), like mustard or ketchup, particularly when supplied with take-out or fast food meals. Condiments are usually applied by the diner. Condiments are sometimes added prior to serving, for example a sandwich made with ketchup or mustard. Some condiments are used during cooking to add flavor or texture to the food; barbecue sauce, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, marmite are examples.

And in the Indian cuisines, you have the Chutneys, Sauces, Pickles, Papads to choose from. The list is actually endless!

So from now till September 20th 2011, post any dish that can be falling under Condiment on your blog. It can be sweet or savory. The dish can be of any cuisine, both Veg and Non Veg accepted.

Link back to this announcement and send me your entries to with subject as Condiment Mela. I will be happy if you use the logo.

I will try to leave a comment within couple of days, or atleast before the round up..:)

Multiple entries are accepted, infact would be glad to get all different dishes that you have already posted. But please update the post with this announcement post link. This is the least I can expect, but do not link all your archive posts in one post.

The email can be in this format

Subject: Condiment Mela

Post URL
Recipe Name
Picture of your dish.

Last date to send in your entries will be September 20th 2011.

I hope you will enjoy participating in this event and make it a success.

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  1. Yes Srivalli, condiments are an important part of our meal .Nice choice. Will surely send you some new entries once I post them :). Happy hosting….

  2. Valli,
    Thats really a nice theme..and BTW I really liked the sandwhich mela, but somehow missed it as I was almost preoccupied with real life chores..Will try to partcipate in this time..I had mango chutney posted last week..will repost it and update with the link if you think so ..Take care..hugs and smiles

  3. Nice theme..will be sending my entry for sure.U have a nice blog too first time to ur blog n following it now..

  4. I'am new here and just happened to see your blog.You are wonderful and will visit here regularly now.

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