Announcing an event to Celebrate Indian Flatbread ~ Roti Mela!

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When I announced Dosa Mela, I never knew it will get everybody so excited. I had it in mind more because I was interested in knowing all the varieties that one can make with Dosa. But the response it got, was really overwhelming. Even after the roundups, I got many bloggers sending their entries, all of them eager to includes theirs in the round up. So I will be doing an update post with the pending entries.

Apart from this, many of you wanted to know what’s next! Infact many wrote saying they would love to have another such event celebrating something that’s common. So what better than Indian Flatbread. I love all types of rotis, stuffed parathas, naans, khulchas. The variety is endless! I use all types of flours and its so interesting to know how one cooks with them!

I have tried to cover most varieties that were easy to make at home, but I am yet to try out khulchas, so that’s one challenge for me!

So the rotis can be plain, stuffed, savory or sweet!. Some of the typical varieties that I can think of are:

Chapati, Roti, Akki Roti, Puri, Phulka, Paratha, Stuffed Paratha, Puran Poli, Naan, Rumali Roti,
Kulcha, Bhatura, Luchi, Tamil Nadu Parotta, Kerala porotta, Roti prata, the Singaporean variant.
Roti canai, the Malaysian variant.

Just google away and you will have so many to choose from!

It can also be one of those from regional cuisines, like from Kerala, Pathiri, etc. By Roti, I am referring to everything that’s made as dough and rolled out, or patted out or flipped out and cooked on a tawa, pan, tandoori!

So this is going to be everything that comes under Indian Flatbread category. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all these in one place!.

To participate in this event, please have these in mind!

1. Cook anything related to Roti and all its varieties and post it on your blog from now till June 20th 2008. Can send in as many entries are you can! I will never say no to a Roti too!

Flour used can be anything, right from APF, wheat to Jower or even Chesternut flour! anything and everything under Sun. But sharing your family secret recipe, or something unique will be great and exciting!

Please also include details on how easy or difficult making that dish is, other notes that you feel is important. Everything in related to preparing your dish easy, will be appreciated!

2. Add a link back to this event announcement, would be nice if you can include the logo!

3. Please send me an e-mail to with the following info.

* Subject Line: Roti Mela
* Your name
* Your blog name and link to the post.
* Dish Name
* A picture of the dish (250 width).

4. Non bloggers can e-mail me the recipe and the picture and I will include it in the round up.

5. If you feel you want to participate but can’t find time enough, I will accept already posted entry, if you create a NEW POST linked to this announcement. But it will be really fun to create a new dish!

I will work on the code to put this on side bar, meanwhile you can just include the logo if you are interested!

Looking forward to all your enthusiastic participation!

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  1. Yey! How much i hoped someone should come up with such Event.. Finally u did it.. can i send the entries which i already posted in my blog? i will of course post it again as a new post. can i?

  2. another interesting event! Count me in, even though I am not a perfect roti maker (all my rotis get amoeba shape). Please wish me good luck in making a perfect roti for this mela. Thanks for hosting this.

  3. you do have a passion for being busy!! how do you do it?! its a great idea, valli – we dont do anything very different at home but will definitely contribute…

  4. HeHe! Good one Sri, love to cook a roti for you. Yes, I will be posting for you tomorrow and send you URL and photo as well.
    I have pretty bad allergy attack this Spring, tough to manage with itchy, watering eyes and runny nose but I will be back tomorrow and will be blogging less a bit though!:)

  5. Great idea, srivalli. I have already sent one on your way. probably you will be bored with me. Now all my rotis and paratha which are in the draft will finally be published. 🙂 Thanks for a wonderful event.

  6. wow thats a good thing….. Another lovely event.I am so excited to do this…..i think i know wt iam gonna do :d

    Hey i was wondering as ur doing another uppdate in the dosa round up can i send me one entry to u… I wanted to send it earlier but cudnt as it last date was over.

  7. Jayashree, yep..thanks

    Divya, I am excited..thanks..

    kamala, thank you..hope you can send some

    Siri, my pleasure!

    Trupti, yeah thats my idea!

    Asha, thank you..will check that out soon…and I am so glad you can send some

    satya, me too..I am going to work on that!

    Anjali..really…then maybe its you who whispered in my ears!..sure you can send old entries too!

    Divya, thank you..looking fwd

    Madhu, glad you will!

    Medhaa, ahh..I am really looking fwd to those!

    Cham, thats nice..looking forward to that!

    maybelles mom, sure.. will be glad!

    Uma, haha…those amoebas are also welcome!..we will give them a new name…but yes all the best for the perfect shape you are looking for!

    Arundathi, yep..thats me!…thank you…pls do

    Vanamala, thank you

    DK, hhehehe..yep!…

    Sukanya, yes, hope you can send some!

    bhagyashri, thank you thank you!

    Sunshinemom, will be so glad to get yours!

    Meera, send in as many as your heart wants!

    Suganya, hahhaah…thats made me go for another!

    Siri, yep checked out..great!

    Divya, thanks!.hope so

    Shubha, do send them in!

    Bhawana, thank you!..looking forward to your entry!

    Madhavi, thank you

    notyet100, thanks!

    jayasree, so nice…thanks

    Priya, so send them across!

    SMN, thanks…hope you can send some!

  8. another mela? i am still to work my way thru the dosa fest..but rotis in any form are a great idea. looks like u had a wonderful time at the meet.

  9. thx. roti mela wowo tht sounds really nice. i keep making so many different paranthas…dont even think about putting them down. now i will. thnx for the event. will send u the entry.

  10. Aditi, welcome to my blog, looking forward to your entry

    Mallugirl, glad you dropped…its my pleasure…do go around..and have fun..yep it was greaT

    Lathamma, thanks…but both are in different can manage…I actually feel bored if something is not on me!

    Nanditha, thank you!

    Ramya, hope you will come out something

    Deeba, sure you send some lovely ones

    Neha, got it!

    karuna, will be great…looking forward to your entries!

  11. Hello Srivalli,

    Thank you for inviting me for the Roti mela. I did send “Gobi paratha” as contribution to the Roti mela. May be it takes a day or two to get updated. I did not want to miss this wonderful opportunity, so I am sending it again just in case…

  12. Hi Srivalli, I just sent u my entries for the event. Hope you got it, if not here’s links. Don’t want to miss dis event :))

  13. Hi Srivalli,
    This is exiting!!! I am posting my first entry in any event..Thanks for conducting this event…

    I have already sent to you gmail id. & am sending it again now..want to make sure I am in it

  14. Hi Srivalli,
    I hv send u email for Papad paratha and Khasta Roti. Hope u hv received the email. Its such a lovely event!

  15. Hi,I have added another post for this event this time with a sweet roti and have sent you the link.I am looking forward to the roundup.

  16. I really like your blog and i really appreciate the excellent quality content you are posting here for free for your online readers. thanks peace claudia.

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