Announcing Microwave Easy Cooking Event ~ Let’s Party!

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Five years ago, when I was just couple of months into Blogging, starting a Food event was really so exciting and I remember spending so much time, coming up with a theme that might interest and benefit so many others. As I remember writing that I was planning on to take a theme on Lunch box or something quick, I had my readers asking for an event on Microwave cooking. I took it on and you see it’s been five years since.

I have cooked many dishes, sometimes complete menu from a microwave. It’s been exciting, a learning experience on the whole. I know many quote cooking in microwave is harmful. If that was so, why are the microwaves still being sold. Anyway that’s a topic for a different discussion. Coming to the event, it has seen so many seasons. Sometimes with so many entries, sometimes with just handful in the round up. Whatever I know this event has greatly helped some, for which I am happy.

Though the Melas have been more successful, I will always cherish this event. And this month five years ago, it was first announced. Most probably I may give this event a break after the two hostess who have agreed to guest host for me. Until then, you will see this happening. After that, maybe a break will do this event some time to pick up again.

So for now, let’s have a party!

Details to participate in this Event:

1. Cook for the party, you can bring in any dish you want.

2. Add a link back to this event announcement, and feel free to use this logo.

3. Please send me an e-mail to with the following info.

* Subject Line: MEC : Party 2012
* Your name
* Your post link
* A picture of the dish.

4. Non bloggers can e-mail me the recipe and the picture and I will include it in the round up.

5. Deadline is 31st Aug.

6. Both Veg and Non Veg is accepted

Please note that the entire cooking has to be done in microwave mode and not in convection mode. You can use food processor or others for grinding stuffs, but stove top should not be used for any step in the entire cooking.

Looking forward to all the delicious entries.

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