Announcing Summer Special Mela

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After nearly a year later, I finally decided I must host another one of my Melas. The last year between the 30 Mins Mela and now, this blog has seen much and more importantly seems to have been given a step motherly treatment. Spice your Life! has ensured it spiced my life really so much that I hardly find time for anything else. I was feeling so terrible when out of the blue I suddenly realized I missed celebrating the blog’s anniversary. Well it’s too late now. However I can restart my Melas to feel connected with this space as well!
So from now until August 20th, you have the chance to celebrate summer special dishes. I know summer has sort of passed out. Still with the way the weather has been at our place, we can celebrate summer anytime!
Coming to the dishes that would fall under this category, it will be anything that fits a summer tag, be it picnic food, coolers, ice creams, anything at all that you would make for a summer meal. It can be a single dish or a combo as well. More the merry right!
From now till August 20th 2013, cook any summer spl dish and send them to me!
  •     Link back to this announcement is mandatory
  •     Usage of the logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word.
  •     Both Veg and Non Veg are are accepted.
  •     Multiple entries are accepted.
  •     The post should have a mandatory picture of the dish.
  •     Archive entries after April 2013 are accepted, provided it has a link back to this announcement.
Send your entries to, with Subject line as Summer Sp Mela, 
With your name, Blog URl and Picture.
Any questions, please send them to

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