Best of the Year 2007!

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Beginning of this year, I was filled with a want to do something different, apart from my work and other things. I wanted to release a cook book. Imagine that! When I thought into the things involved in publishing a cookbook, it seemed way beyond something that I could manage at that time. Thus came into existence, this blog! I started this blog for various reasons. Infact I don’t remember thinking anything clearly which started first and how I proceeded.

Bang, everything got done, I realized I created a food blog without much thought and named it too. Much later, one fine day, was thinking how and why I named it and then realized that I had unconsciously named it as how I always thought of. Now I have come to love this blog and what I spend to get this running on daily basis. When I think of all the time I try to put into this, I wonder how I never knew this all these years! I know I can cook well and I have all my wonderful mother’s recipes, not to mention my mother in-law. But to be frank, every kid learns more from their mother and some from their in-law by seeing her cook. Unfortunately I haven’t had much opportunity to watch my mil cook, as I will be with the kids when she cooks. So the recipes that I have blogged about, will either be ones cooked by her or by me, knowing her recipes. But all my Amma’s recipes are ones that I have cooked myself, after learning from her.

I have a passion for writing and cooking. So I made best use of this blog to be a platform for me to write and also record recipes that are simple, yet tasty. I ensured my steps are easy to understand even for a beginner. So I was really elated when readers commented that my recipes were simple and so clear to understand. Not sure if they were really true or said just to make me feel happy. What ever it is, I loved reading their comment!

This blog became the sole thought going around in my mind for a while. So much so that, any free second I get at home at spent doing this. I started this blog in fag end of May and have tried to be regular on daily basis. This blog is something that drives me with a passion. At last, I have found something that gets me going with joy and pleasure. And interacting with so many other wonderful bloggers is bonus of blogging.

Thinking about what’s been special till now, I find it extremely difficult as each one has been associated with some memory and that’s what I do. Talk so much about the memory than the recipe. But believe me, whenever I think of a recipe, I always remember the incident associated with that. Infact, there were many occasions that I had to remove and retain just one or two incidents. I can’t be talking on and on right!

Everything I have blogged are mostly my favorites. Everything reminds me of something. Selecting just 10 was quite difficult. But then thats Top 10 right!

So here’s my favorite

Top 10 recipes of the year 2007

Paneer Butter Masala – This is something I love so much because my daughter enjoys and wants this so very often

Dal Makhani – This is one of the first recipe Amma and I tried after eating it so many times in restaurant and was a hit from the very first time.

Carrot Kurma – This is one of my Athamma’s famous recipe thats a must every week.

Pappu chaaru – You can have it anytime you drop in home on a sunday evening!

Erra Karam Masala Dosa – Our most favorite way of eating Dosa!

Murgh Mussallam ~ Whole Chicken – This is a must try if you are a Chicken lover! Everybody’s favorite at home!

Spicy Chicken Biryani – Again this is something thats Amma is known for!

Nawabi Chicken Biryani – Hubby dear wants this done atleast once a month, so no guesses to confirm its his favorite!

X- Chicken Fry – Well what can I say! Dad’s most wanted one!

Semiya curd Rice ~ Vermicelli Bagala Bath – Amma’s signature dish!

Best dish from each month

May 2007 – Guthi Vankai my most favorite

June 2007 – Parotta, infact I had blogged my most liked ones here…but I cant talk about everything right!

July 2007 – Masala Vada

August 2007 – Nellore Chicken

September 2007 – Bisi Bele Huli Anna ~ A feast for all time!

October 2007 – Salt Diamonds!

November 2007 – Powder from Heaven ~ and a guess!

December 2007 – Tomato Dosa ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

Best meal(s) of 2007

Pappu Chaaru with Arbi Stir Fry – My Express Meal

Vinayaka Charthuti Feast

Deepavali Feasts at my sister in law’s place

Best posts (in terms of writing)/ favorite food photographs of the year

My Cookbooks ~ My Passions

“Cooking resolutions” for 2008

Well, planned to cook all the bookmarks from other blogs.

I wish my friends and readers, a very Happy New Year!

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  1. Nice post Srivalli.Memories associated with the recipies in fact make the posts interesting to read, and to a certain extent inspiring enough to try out one.Looking forward to see more and more nice and simple recipies,liberally seasoned with anecdotes.Happy weekend.

  2. This is such a tasty post! Your carrot korma is on my to-try list 🙂
    Love the fact that the express meal is one of your favorite meals- the simple dal-vegetable-rice meals are the best, right??
    And cooking from the bookmarks has given me some of my favorite recipes this year…
    Thanks for participating, Srivalli!

  3. Srivalli, the blogging mind moves in mysterious ways – and before you knew it your blog was born! Your blog is an enjoyable read, full of life as it is! Best of luck for 2008!

  4. Great post Srivalli… I have always enjoyed your blog… wish you many many more years of happy blogging, before you know it you would’ve published that cookbook too… Happy Holidays!

  5. Awesome post Sri..A Nice way to cherish all the moments u spent while creating these wonderful recipes..:)

    Thanks for all the array of dishes u compiled.. Now, I don’t need to search ur blog for them..:)

    Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

    ~ Siri

  6. I enjoyed reading your post and sure many of us started for fun and are really enjoying now with all the new blogger friends around.An excellent round-up too and waiting for more simple recipes in 2008.HAPPY NEW YEAR

  7. satya, Thanks for taking time to read and give your feedback. I really look forward to getting your comments.

    Nupur, Thanks for hosting the event. This has indeed lead us to look back and think. Please do try and let me know. Its really a wonderful kurma!..

    Nags, thank you. YOur was beautiful too!

    sra, Thank you for your kind words!

    Asha, coming from you, its a pleasure indeed!

    sunita, Nice of you to say that. Thanks for the support!

    kamala, Thank you and glad you are there to support!

    Sig, so glad you liked it. Hope your words come true!

    Cynthia, Thank you!

    Lathamma, thank you!

    Kamini, Glad this brought you here. Thank you for your words!

    Raaga, Missed you around. Glad you are able to view now!

    Meera, Thank you!

    Siri, thanks. Glad you liked them!

    Laavanya, thank you and I get encouraged reading your comments!

    renuka, Glad you liked them.

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