Brinjal n Potato in Mutton ~ Weekend Cooking!

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We go through some pretty discussions on what to make for the weekend lunch. The past few days saw me with nothing new to post about. I ended up with already cooked gravies or Rice varieties. I was awfully upset over this and was telling hubby dear about this. He suggested that I spend my weekend cooking up something new so that I don’t ask him what to cook nor what to post for the next few days.

As I mentioned, for the Recipe Marathon, since I used up all my drafts, I had to cook something new every day before I could post it. But it was great doing it. The trill of cooking something new and then clicking it and then talking about it along with something else to remember later. There is something very nice about the whole thing. So hubby dear suggested, I plan for some new non-veg for the weekend lunch. I said I think I posted all the varieties that I know to cook with Mutton, he said there is one with Gongura and then one with brinjal and potatoes that they cook the Mutton with. Yeah, I remember the famous Andhra Mutton with Gongura. Since Gongora was not available on hand, decided to use Brinjal and Potatoes. Hubby dear enjoyed his lunch greatly!

We took the twins to the playschool today. All of them stayed back, while I left for office. They didn’t cry much because Athamma and Konda were with them, while hubby dear stayed out. We will know the difference tomorrow. Few other kids were on their first day and they were crying their heart out. I was so moved to see them cry, but what to do. Life has to be dealt with! Hopefully, they should get settled soon, including my little ones. Peddu, I heard, was consoling the kids who were crying. He was going on wiping their tears. Guess he was too sure of his state as Athamma was around. Tomorrow might show us how they will fare. But then of course, since they have each other around, they shouldn’t be feeling left out, or at least I hope they adjust soon.

Brinjal n Potato in Mutton Gravy

Mutton – 250 gms
Brinjal – 2 medium
Potatoes -1 medium
Onions – 1 medium
Tomatoes – 2 small
Ginger Garlic paste – 1 tsp
Cinnamon + Cardamom + cloves – 3/4 tsp
Coconut Paste – 2 tsp
Poppy seeds paste – 1/4 tsp
Red chili powder – 1 tsp
Roasted Coriander Powder – 1 tsp
Coriander leaves for garnish
Salt to taste
Oil – 2 tsp

Method to prepare:

Clean and cut mutton into small pieces. Chop Brinjal to 4 quarters, same as Potatoes. Soak these in water so that they turn brown.

Heat a pressure cooker with oil. Sauté the onions till pink, then add the ginger garlic paste. Sauté till this turns brown. Then add the finely chopped tomatoes along with the meat. Cook on heat flame for 5 mins, stirring in between so that it doesn’t get burnt.

Add the chili powder, coriander powder, poppy seeds, spice powder, and salt. And continue cooking on high. Then coconut paste and 1 glass of water. Cook till it’s blended well. Cover it with the cooker lid and put it for 3-4 whistles or till the mutton is almost well cooked.

Once the pressure is off, add the brinjal and potato pieces. Put it for 1 whistle. The vegetables get cooked by 1 whistle. If it’s overcooked, it tends to get mashed with the gravy, so it’s good to cook it for just the right time.

Remove the lid and let it cooked on high flame again so that the gravy is thick. Garnish with coriander leaves.

The change in this from the regular Mutton gravy is the use of roasted coriander powder and the spice powders. The use of freshly ground spices adds a lot of flavour to the meat, including the vegetables.

This variety of cooking meat with vegetables is quite a common one in rural parts of Andhra.

Have a great week ahead!

Brinjal n Potato in Mutton ~ Weekend Cooking!

Course Main Dish - Gravies
Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
Dish Type Mutton Dishes
Author Srivalli
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  1. Amma adds potato in mutton everytime.Potato tastes heavenly in the mutton gravy.We have brinjal with bones of muuton.Its fun to read abt Peddu wiping other’s tears Valli

  2. Mutton looks absolutely delicious! Love the idea of adding vegetables to it. I can only imagine the pain that separation causes, Valli. Like you say, though, they have to move on to this stage even though it might feel difficult. As others have said, it’s great that the twins have each other, too! 🙂

  3. its gr8 being a vegetarian u cook with a variety of meats..hats off to u!!!
    me being a non-veg,i can only cook with chicken and fish…never liked any other meat….
    will try this recipe with chicken..looks delcious!!!

  4. I think I cried a lot more than my daughter! It is a very difficult time but like you say, that’s life and it has to be done. But you are right, the twins have each other and may find that part comforting.
    All the best!

  5. my daughter cried everyday the entire time for a month! she cried so much that people came from other classes and even from the road, passers-by stopped to ask if everything was ok! it was horrible! But she loves it now and is ready and waiting at the door way before anyone else! 🙂 life goes on… 🙂

  6. delicious and very different! dont worry about the kids, a few days and they will be loving it! But yes, it pulls on your heart strings when you leave them crying!

  7. Mutton cry looks delicious.
    I was smilly with the image peddu wipping the tears from other kids.
    So sweet.
    When Shyama went to school first time i had more trouble than her 🙂
    I do agree with lavanye twins have each other

  8. the first day is hard for parents, i remember my son ‘s yelling and do have a pictu to tease him now 🙂 At least they are together..
    The lamb curry is delicious and i feel hungry Valli!

  9. Oh, they started the pre school, sounds great to me!;D
    As much as I love my kids, I love the space and time I get once they are in school. Summer holiday means more work for me cooking lunch too!:D
    Mutton gravy looks so good, we get only Lamb here.

  10. Laavanya, yeah its so heart breaking…but hope they learn soon!..

    F, thank you..yeah thats what we were thinking yesterday he did who is going to do for him..but he was ok…thank you for thinking of me

    Asha, yeah..hhehe..yeah maybe good for can make this with lamb too..for us not much differenace as such!

    Suma, yeah do try..

    kamala, oh thats nice to know..though this is the first time i am cooking like this!

    Kalai, thank you!..I take console on that fact!

    ranji, thank you..its a pleasure cooking for family..

    Anu, for a month..I am really scared now…my daughter didnt’ cry that much..but thats nice to know that kids learn to love it after a while..hope mine do faster!

    Miri, yeah hopefully they settle down soon!

    Cham, heheh..thats fun!…I keep thinking I should take a picture ..keep forgeting in the hassle!

    Sukanya, thank you dear..hope you can try this too!

    Swati, hope too…thanks!

    Hc, thank you for your words…my pleasure!

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