Coconut Chutney ~ Side Dish for Idli Dosa

Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney is one of the most versatile chutney, famous all over the south. Each region adds its own distinct flavour to the base chutney. Almost all the hotels in Tamil Nadu serve this along with Dosas and Idlis. The chutney is almost so white and has a very nutty taste that makes the tiffin […]

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Crispy Adai

I can eat Dosa all days, any time of the time and everyday. I can write a book on my passion and experience with Dosa. Amma tries out many varieties of Dosa, especially for me. And my all time favorite dosa variety is Adai. The thin crispy Adai with tempting Coconut chutney is just out […]

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Vankaya Pappu Andhra Style | Brinjal Dal ~ Lunch Box Series #2

Vankaya Pappu

Today’s lunch is Vankaya Pappu, a typical Andhra Style Pappu made with Brinjal or Eggplant along with a Gojju made with Drumstrick. I remember the first time I had explained to a colleague about Brinjal Dal and getting a weird expression on knowing a brinjal was featured in the dal. I guess there are lot […]

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Pulagam aka Ven Pongal with a difference

Since my visit to Tirumala, I was thinking more of the different prasadams offered in temples and I was remembering the time we had pongal there. It tasted so ultimate. But then of course, in all temples the taste of the prasadam is incomparable. This dish that I make at home is called simply Pongal, […]

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Palak Paneer (Sag Paneer, Spinach Paneer)

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is a creamy gravy made with spinach puree simmered with Indian Cottage Cheese and basic Indian spices. This is a simple and hearty gravy from the Punjabi cuisine. While there are many ways of making Palak Paneer, this recipe is the simplest one can make. Ever since we got introduced to the North […]

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Kanchipuram Idli Podi | Side Dish for Idli

Kanchipuram Idli Podi

Kanchipuram Idli Podi is an authentic Tamil Nadu Condiment made specially for the Kanchipuram Idlis. While we do have a stock of regular Molaga Podi, this condiment is prepared fresh while making these Idlis. When it comes to spicy podis to serve with Idlis or Dosas, Molaga Podi is the most delicious side dish. I […]

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Kanchipuram Idli Recipe | How to make Kancheepuram Idli

Kanchipuram Idli

Kancheepuram Idli as the name goes is from Kancheepuram, a holy city in Tamilnadu, India. History goes that Kanchipuram Idli is served as prasadam in Varadharaja Perumal Temple, a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, located in the Kanchipuram. It is a huge Idli (Steamed Rice Cake) which is added with spices. This is […]

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Sweet Corn Soup | How to make Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup

Sweet Corn Soup is a lightly spiced soup made with sweet corns and mixed vegetables. This surely makes a winter nights fantastic and for a party the best soup you can serve. Though I am not a soup person, meaning when I have soup for a meal, I can’t have anything else after that. Unlike […]

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Andhra Pulihora, Tamarind Rice ~ Andhra Special!

Andhra Pulihora

Andhra Pulihora is a spicy tamarind based rice dish from Andhra Cuisine. While there are many ways of making this tangy tamarind rice from the South States, this version from Andhra uses spices specific to the state. This weekend we visited Tirumala in Tirupati. The town owes its existence to the sacred temple situated on […]

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It is Vermicelli Curd Rice!

Semiya Curd Rice

Semiya Curd Rice, called as Semiya Bagala Bath in Telugu, is made with Vermicelli and curd as the regular curd rice. Of course there is no rice in this dish. Still Amma calls this dish by this name. This one tugs at memories when Amma used to make it often for her dinner parties that […]

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Uggani | Borugula Upma | Puffed Rice Upma


Uggani is a popular breakfast dish from Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh. This dish is prepared with Borugulu or Puffed Rice. When I say Rayalaseema, I need to be more specific and say this is a popular snack in Ananthapuram district and not elsewhere, as I never knew it is done in Tirupati or surrounding, even though […]

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