Parathas from Leftover Rice!

I don’t really remember eating much of leftover stuff at home more because Amma used to prepare all three meals and there was always somebody to complete whatever was left. Parents have strong opinion against having food stored in fridge and consuming it later. No there is no question of leftover items at home. But […]

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Stuffed Paneer Parathas

My memories on Stuffed parathas goes back to the time we went to Pune to attend a Punjabi family friend’s marriage. It was one cold December morning when we landed in Pune station. When I got down the steps, cold wind hit my face and I was chilled to bones. I am always very resistant […]

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Parotta | How to make Healthy Flaky Parotta at home

Today’s recipe is a Healthy Flaky Parotta. Parotta is a popular layered flatbread from Southern India, made from Maida or Refined Flour and a common street from in Southern India, like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the neighboring country of Sri Lanka. This flatbread goes by different names like porotta, kerala parotta, malabari porotta, or malabari […]

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