Celebrations of Dosas ~ Dosa Mela Part two!

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I checked on and the batter rose up pretty good. So you can see I am back with all the fermented dosa dishes! And my, each one is such a delight for eyes!

After working on the entries, I knew everybody loves Dosas. What else can I say after seeing the enthusiasm shown by all. Let’s move on to check out each of them! I wanted to post the pictures the usual way, but I knew this will end up being one long post.

Well, let me begin this Dosas with fermented Batter session, with my dear friends’ humorous account on trying to make the authentic Injera at home!

Injera, they say, is a famous African crepe made with teff, an ancient grain grown in the Ethiopian highlands. This is the first time I am hearing of this dish. The Jungalbandits sure know ways to captivate you, with awesome pictures and elevating information. I always come back learning something new at their place.

And you know something, after hearing their sad story of not able to get batter ferment in their house, I planned on having a post with only No Ferment dosas, and they came to the party with a fermented dosa and that too with Wheat!..this is the only Wheat dosa that’s fermented…Kudos guys for your excellent looking Injera!

Sada Dosas or Plain Dosas as you get. Well these can be ghee roast or Paper Crisp or however you want!

Check out Lavi’s interesting tips on making perfect paper roasts! Can you believe but you got to be in a good mood if you got to get perfect ones!..that sure had me rofl!

Mythreyee was using Idli batter to make Dosas, until a dear friend shared the dosa recipe with her. And she is kind enough to share with us.

Roopa shares her adventure in trying to get a blender that can do wonders, in other sense get her perfect batter. I was so happy that she has finally got the perfect gadget to give her delicious looking dosas!

Shyamala knows how to hook you to her writing and she had me on, while she was regaling her adventurous deal with Muthu Samba Rice. Its a bag of Muthu Samba Rice that she got from Srilanka, and unfortunately they gave out a most unaccountable smell while cooking. She was happy that she didn’t have to waste the bag, by making these soft looking dosas!

Come on everybody, lets congratulate Siri on her very first fermented dosa! I was so pleased when she said, for the Mela she is going to learn to make the regular batter at home and send the entries. How lovely they look!

Ok, I don’t claim much credit on my success stories with dosa batter, the climate is good, the recipes are Amma’s, so its bound to get good results! Amma’s paper roast is simply superb, and plain dosas for anyday!. And while you are at it, check out my Kal dosas! These are our family favorites.

Sunshinemom makes plain dosa unless she is prodded by her kid or hubby for masala dosa. Well I guess we all should start with the basics.
Honey & Butter comes with the basics, and yes they look too soft too!Vrinda talks about the lovely way her mother used to serve them with ghee and sugar!..yes I remember eating this way as a kid and it used to be yummy
Now comes the yummy Masala Dosas! Masala Dosas usually refer to the Potato filling that’s tucked into a dosa. So lets see how each one has done their version.

Check out our no fuss, always a quick lady who, well did the unbelievable. She has made the Masala dosa. I infact checked her post couple of times, to confirm if this was with the regular batter or not!.Thanks Jayashree.

Mythreyee’s Masal Dosa is one yummy looking one. Why not, she is from Salem, where you get the most delicious Masal dosas down South India. Read on her nostalgic account of her experience in her hometown.Sagari makes a lovely cone with paper Roast. And also talks about her delicious Masala Dosa. Those perfect cones are usually available at hotels, well we can land at her place too!

Seeing the Dosa Mela Announcement, usha knew the perfect one to share with us. Her very new delicious recipe from her neighbour!

The next masala dosa comes from none other than our expert, Lathamma! Well I loved taking these myself I must say. It isn’t everyday I go scouting to fish out entries myself. But I loved the fun!

And last but not the least from yours truly. I especially love this as I made this at my Mom’s place.


Who says Masala Dosa has to have only Potato filling? Maybe somebody did, but who cares, check out these lovely varieties without Potatoes that’s joined us for the party. Each and everyone entry is one tempting fare!

Now who would’ve thought mushroom while thinking about Dosa? Well Dhivya does and does this frequently too. She says this is her all time favorite combinations!

EC explores her way out by trying out with Lady’s finger Masala. She says they normally have this sabzi for rotis, and thought why shouldn’t this be good on Dosa. She was right as it went very well.

Now Peas Masala is something of my favorite, though I never imagined it as a filling for Dosa! What an innovative one EC, thanks!

We have Lavi reminiscent about her colleges days spent eating this delicious Gobi Dosa at her favorite restaurant. Lavi, it sure does look yummy!

Maybelle’s Mom is busy! Now what can a busy mom rant on, other than not finding enough time to spend with the little ones or cook for them. Mommy dear, I know your situation so well. In spite of all these, she comes out with lovely looking faux Vietnamese crepes! Well hop on to her place to get charmed by the little Belle!

How well I understand a food blogger’s life. With just 24 hrs a day, its not enough to send in for all the events! So I admire Nags, who always manages to send in for all the events, though she never does for my dear MEC…:) For a young girl her age, she cooks up so much!

What else can we expect from Nupur, other than a beautiful plate full of Mysore Masala Dosa! she says she writes kahaniyan, oh yes, but what a delightful posts they are to read. Thank you Nupur for sending along this beauty!

Raaga says she has very busy, yet she remembered on time make me, yet another Mysore Masala Dosa! She says this is very simple, though not simple to stop eating. Now who wants to stop eating dosa, you tell me??

For Renuka, have a never ending batter at home is a bliss! yet one late evening, this is what she could come up with for her hubby. But it was so yummy that it has become regular. I guess this is what makes a hit and run a success story!

Sunshinemom is another dosa freak, pardon my word. But her entries left me speechless. What else can you say, when you are faced with a Dosa with a what! a Chinese filling! Now this is what I call a fusion in cooking, but I rather call this a masala dosa, what say!

Well, if she did Chinese dosa to please her daughter, her Mint Masala is to please her hubby! Now I know how innovative each one has to be, in order to please our folks! Sunshinemom, I really appreciate your creativity and for sending them all to me!

Well, my freakiness was more predominant when I tried out Paneer Butter Masala on dosa, it actually was good, believe me.

And I save the grace by presenting to you, the Babycorn Masala Dosa, it was one yummy stuffed dosa, I tell ya.


Now comes the fusion in Dosas!

Check out pizzas out at Anjali’s place. Well not pizzas exactly, but Dosa Pizzas. I love dosa and I love Pizza. Now don’t ask me what I don’t like. So this is a sure tempting one!

EC loves Cheese and loves Dosas. so wondered why she never tried this together until she saw this.

Renuka brings in a kid teaser. Hope I don’t have Konda seeing this, else she might want me to do make this for her. The picture looks so tempting with the twists and curls. But Renuka makes it one easy breeezy process!

Next two comes out of sheer need to try out something interesting to get Konda eat. With my addition to cheese and Paneer, this is bound to happen. And yes, I am only too happy that Konda liked it both!


What can I say, egg seems to be everybody’s favorite. And what better way to enjoy them than having it on the dosa!

Check out how Divya’s favorite way of eating eggs with dosa. She makes it even rich by adding cheese on it.

Next comes our Indo, well she being the SunGod, has a joyful breakfast with Sunny Side Up! She makes it very healthy by paring this with a bowl of fruits. Well she didn’t add them to the dosa ok. She served them along that!

Kamala says her mom ensured they had the energy to sustain till the lunch hour by giving them energy filed breakfast of Egg Dosas!

And of course, I have no excuse but except that I needed another variety for the Mela. The fact that hubby likes this, is a bonus you know!


Here comes the goodness of Greens with Dosa. Well a healthy reason to eat more dosas, I would say.

EC makes a simple dosa filling with Coriander leaves. What a cool way to eat all the coriander, I must say!

From all the way from Australia comes this dosa hot hot! This is Johanna’s Darling darling dosa! I felt so touchy reading through her post. What a great tribute to Dosa, than being cooked by Johanna. Thank you for trying and enjoying Dosas!

Nirmala is so sweet that she wanted to bring in a rare variety of Dosas for the mela. I am so glad that she was able to lay her hands on the bunch. Hop on to her place to know more richness about this greeny leaves!

Inspired by Nirmala. Lavi comes out with another dosa of the same type!

The only green I adore is palak, so when it comes coupled with Paneer, what can I say about it. Just Yum! Ramya sure knows how to entice me!


Now Ladies and gentlemen, if any is reading this too. lets get to the hot stuff. Yes I am talking about the spicy stuff on the Dosas.

Mythreyee makes the best use of Milagai podi that she got as her surprise in Arusuvai chain. And not just that! She makes cute little ones, which I am sure got disappeared the moment they appeared

Rachel resorts to her favorite food when she is lazy to prepare a meal. And yes she spices it up to give a whole different feel to the dosas!

My dear Sra has the best recipe for dosa batter. Now don’t ask her, just get the address of the store from where she got the batter. She had me in a fix, making me guess what she is going to send. And I must say she enjoyed it royally! Cos how in the world do you think I might guess pickled one!

My hubby is known for his fixation on anything and everything spicy. What else can you expect Athamma to come up with than these spicy pastes and podis! They make one yummy treat Dosas!
Lets move on to the next form of dosas, the Uttappams! Whatever you do, they tend to come out delicious. You can never go wrong with one. Check out how each one delights with Uttappams

Arundati says Uttappams are what she turns to, when she has batter that is old. Add some veggies to it and you have a breakfast that’s ready in less time than you can brush your teeth…I am quoting her mind you…cos I was rofl when I read that comment! She says planning ahead makes life less miserable. And towards that she turns to her abiding friend – the Wet grinder. Now who says pet animal is the man’s best friend? Heed Arundati and buy yourself a wet grinder!

Lavi wants to have balanced food for breakfast. And she makes it perfect by adding oats to the batter!.

Nirmala shares with us her wonderful experience in making the perfect Uttappams much to her father’s delight. What’s more delightful than pleasing our parents! Way to go Nirmala!

Rupa brings on an onion uttappam as way to finish off the left over batter. This sure a way to complete the batter.

And from me another Onion Uttappam, well this is no different from the usual, though we love these small, well cooked dosas!
We have seen vegetables topped over Dosas, how about adding the vegetables to the batter and cooking it?

Hima says blog events gets her going on thinking what different to cook. I agree with you on that Hima. So for the Mela, she wanted to bring in something different. And it is different no doubt. Check out how well she blends the veggies into the batter and comes up with a exciting Vegetable Set Dosa!

Maya finds this perfect solution for their needs. She had no mood to steam and wanted some veggies to go in for her son. So what better one than adding veggies to the batter and making delicious Dosas! Rupa grinds onions along with the batter and also she makes a crispy masala dosa with it!. In the process, she has be very confused! Now what shall call this???..:)

And from me, the spiced dosas to spicy up our mornings! This is one delightful way of adding the onions and other spices into the batter and having a ball!
Though I have seen few other recipes using coconut, I have ended up only classifying these three as coconut based ones!

My dear friend Bharathy wanted to send me something very special for the Mela. And special it is indeed. I haven’t come across a recipe that calls for tender coconut flesh. check out her awesome pictures of the dosas and the sides dishes she has come up with!

Remya’s advise on not skipping breakfast comes out so well. Cos she has a lovely palappam to share. This is one sure healthy dish for breakfast!

Appams have always fascinated me. Only off late, these have become a common Sunday breakfast at home. As this recipe calls for fermented coconut water, imagine my hubby’s state. Poor hubby has to ensure, he breaks the coconut properly during the pooja. Our demand became so worse, that one day, instead of chanting the mantras, he found himself praying that the coconut should yield good amount of water!
We now come to the last set of recipes that I am going to call other Varieties! Well simply because I am not imaginative enough to come up with names for them.

Divya, being a self confessed dosa freak, tries out this and found it to be very interesting. Well Divya, I love the fact that you are a dosa lover!

EC comes out with lovely looking set dosas. These are called set dosas, because they are served as two!

Jayasree makes a unique dosa, one with Horse gram! Horse gram is known for its medical benefits, so what better way to eating them than as dosa!

Now we have a lone non-veg appearing in this Mela. And the credit goes to kamala. She comes in with a Mutton Dosa! She talks about the famous temple town of Tamil Nadu, where this dish is a most sought one in the joint!

Lakshmi says barley gives her an option to be very creative. And with the increased awareness about healthy eating, what more can you ask than a barley dosa which is a ‘high fiber grain.Her family loves barley and that brings joy to her cooking. Not just that, she tops the dosa with vegetables and cheese to suit her little one’s taste. How sweet! I got to try this for my little one!

Saswati shares with us her experience in making dosas at her place. The once a difficult taks, has now become quite an easy one. And would you believe she didn’t make the regular dosas for about 2 months, cos she forgot to soak the lentils…I guess here comes the reason for instant dosas! Yet her dosa requires fermenting!

Swapna comes with another Protein filled dosa, one with mixed dals in it. Now what’s more healthy than this. Thank you Swapna.

I am closing this with two of my entries. Soft dosa and Mini dosas. Soft dosas came so soft because of the poha. And Mini dosa is a sure way to get your kid eat.
Take your time reading through these, will be back with the quick ones that can be ready with a jiffy! Though I might take some time, I guess
Thank you everybody for sending in your entries, I have enriched my knowledge and my passion for Dosa has increased more!

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  1. Wow, I need break now after looking at so many delicious recipes. There’s more?? Well, we do love our dosas, don’t we? Can’t wait to see the rest! πŸ™‚

  2. Wonderful roundup and great work.
    I may have missed it but couldn’t find my entry. I apologize if it’s there but I am not seeing it. Thanks.

  3. good job Srivalli. thats really a lot of work to compile these many entries…
    well, i dont see my entry :(, I am sorry if it is there but i couldn’t find it.

  4. This is such a treasure-trove, Srivalli– congratulations for putting together this lovely collection. I am sorry I missed your deadline, but I will definitely enjoy going through each one of these recipes!

  5. You know whats left for you to do?

    Send a request to all of them to send their dosas to my place πŸ˜€

    My god! The array is amazing! will become dosa wali soon πŸ™‚

  6. i seem to have missed on the dosa fun…..but this is going to be an amazing catalogue for the dosa lovers ……good work valli….

  7. OMG..Sri..Awesome round up! A lot of work ya…excellent job. Now I do not have to ponder around for dosa variations! Just peep in to round up session and my job is done!!! πŸ˜€ Good day ahead!

  8. congrats on achieving a mile stone Srivalli. Wishing you many more.
    Very descriptive post as always,commendable indeed.Btw,chillas of north are dosas made of besan or moong dal.

  9. Love the post on Dosa Mela!I am going to link it up on Desi Pundit! You really put a lot of effort into this!! Awesome work.
    I did not realize all kinds of dosas- the fact you had injera in there is amazing! I love injera and would not have thought of it as a dosa until this post! Of course it is!! It got me thinking as my family are from Hungary and we make a crepe called palachenta and it’s made with egg. (we eat it by rolling it up and filling with cottage cheese or jams) Usually when I think of dosa I think it is vegetarian (meatless and eggless)….I do see you had mutton dosa in there too..
    If I can dig up this recipe maybe it can go for another dosa mela in the future!

  10. wow!! just reading through all of this is making me tired!! and i completely forgot that i had written all that…went back to read my own post!! πŸ™‚

  11. Fabulous! I am having a terrific time just clicking through all those links! πŸ™‚

    I’ll never forget my first dosa. We really didn’t let the batter ferment enough, and we didn’t have a grinder. But whatever came of it – we ate with much joy.

  12. wonderful round up.. i missed sending entries in but am definitely enjoying going thru the wide variety of dosas..

  13. kamala, Thank you…thats the least I could do…:)

    bee, yes, I had another session just for you!

    Hc, Thank you for your lovely words

    Sagari, thank you!…I will let you know when I drop in!

    Kalai, yep..looks like we have more dosa lovers than we thought!

    Meera, thank you!..I would never miss yours!

    Cham, hahah…thank you!

    Rachel, Dhivya, Glad you liked it!

    sra, my pleasure …loved each one of them..so how can I ignore

    Saswati, Trupti, thank you!

    sunita, yep…thank you

    Sunshinemom, hhahahah…that was so funny!..thank you thank you!

    Rupa, Glad you liked it..thank you!

    Ramya, my pleasure indeed

    Uma, hope you have checked on them..thanks

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    Vaishali,. thank you!…sorry abt that…and glad you liked the list!

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    bhags, yeah I was feeling bad abt it..but then its ok,..glad you see you around!…

    LG, Glad you liked these and its my pleasure!…

    Lathamma…thank you very much!

    Nags, take your time..I know you are busy!

    jayasree, thank you..all bcos of your participation

    satya, thank you..will update the list

    Jennifer, thank for that link love…glad you find many interesting things to try out!

    arundati, hhahah…this is really funny!..thanks

    neha, glad you have…wow..I too remember my first!

    Anjali…thanks for taking time for this

    Coffee, wish you joined us..but fine…atleast we now have something to try

    vegeyum, my pleasure!

    renuka, thank you…you are too sweet!

    Mallugirl, it would’ve been great to have included yours…but glad you find this useful!

    Smita, hahah..glad you liked those captions…I find myself coming out with my offbeat humor at times..Thank you!

    Swapna, Thank you!

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