Condiment Mela Round up ~ Part 2

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In the second part of the Condiment Mela, we have a wide variety of Pickles, Spice powders, Masala powders, Raitha, relish and few more making their way!

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First in the series comes different pickles that you can make. Well you have so many that you will be busy for a while when you plan to make these!

Divya Viswanathan’s Tomato thokku
Kalyani’s Instant Mango Pickle, Lemon Bittergourd pickle, Methi Sprouts Pickle & Mixed Veg Pickle – North Indian Style

Krithi’s Fenugreek Coriander Thokku

Nutan Dodbele’s Raw Green Grapes Pickle
PJ’s Maavadu Oorugai

Pradnya’s Dried Dates Pickle
Priya Suresh’s MW Instant Garlic & Green Chilly Pickle

Tadka Pasta’s Tomato Thokku
vani hegde’s Lime Pickle
Vardhini Koushik’s Mango Pickle

Then those delicious raithas that highlight your meal!

Kalyani’s Katrikkai Pachadi

Usha Rao’s Carrot Cauliflower Pachadi & Dondakaya Perugu Pachadi

Vaishali’s Garlicky Onion Tomato Raita & Mint Raita

Vardhini Koushik’s Eggplant Raita & Mint Raita


Jaya M’s Tartar Sauce
Kalyani’s Jain style Green Chutney & Tomato Chilli Relish

Pavani’s Corn-Tomato Relish

Priya Suresh’s Vegan Parsley Walnut Pesto
Rinku’s Habanero and Yellow Tomato Salsa
Sia’s Spicy Tomato Chutney/Relish

Then we have some lip smacking spice powders that can be directly eaten with rice or any rotis!

Kalyani’s Curry leaf powder, Idli / Dosa Molagapudi & Paruppu Podi

Krithi’s Curry Leaves Spice Powder & Milagai Podi/Idli Podi

Pavitra Kuravi’s Erra Karam Idly Podi
PJ’s Dried Neem Flowers spice mix
Priya Suresh’s MW Mixed Herbs & Garlic Spice Powder


Usha Rao’s Coconut Garlic Powder
Vaishali’s Chataaka

Vardhini Koushik’s Coriander Seeds Podi & Ellu Podi

And finally from me Microwave Milagai Podi

Next comes some Vadams, sides that brightens a meal!

Harini’s Biyyam Vadiyalu
Nalini’s     Arisi vathal – vadam

Sia’s Roasted Garlic
Vaishali’s Hari Mirch ka Sambhaar


Finally from my reader, Amita Bahl. She sent in two delicious sounding condiment. I was supposed to make them. Will surely do that soon.

Amita Bahl’s The Multani Khatta Masala:

Ingredients Needed:

100  gms of red chillie powder.
100 gms of Dry Amchur powder
100 gms of Anardana powder
100 gms of Dry Ajwain powder
20/ 25 small round whole black pepper.
50 gms of salt

How to make Multani Khatta Masala
Mix all the ingredients together on a neat clean paper, fold the paper and roll a rolling pin over it to break the ingredients into smaller pieces.

How to use:

Different ways to use this masala:

1. Onions+ Tomatoes+ Coriander chopped+ Green chillies… all cut into thin slices
Put this Multani khatta masala + nimboo juice + salt to taste

2. Make any dal. Finally sprinkle 1/2 – 3/4 tsp of this masala on top before serving

3. Make Mutton/ Chicken gravy the regular way you make
Sprinke the Khatta masala  on top before serving

4. While making aloo paratha/ Gobhi paratha/ muli paratha, add this masala to the other masala and make it as you normally make

Amita’s Special condiment mix for salada/ Raita/ Taaza nimboo panee:

Three spoons of normal namak

Two spoons of Kala namak
Two spoons of Home made dried powdered pudhina
Two spoons of Roasted  jeera powder
Two spoons of kali mirch powder

Mix all together on a plain paper.
Fold the paper and roll the rolling pin over it, to smoothen out the rough roundels which will get powdered and smooth.

You may like to sieve it for a very fine texture.
Store this in an air tight container

Sprinkle on Raita/ Salad

Add to the freshly made nimboo pani.
Add on to a mix of Nimboo pani along with Rooh -af–za……( Incase using this do not add sugar to the nimbo pani)

You can always make it in small quantities and bottle & jar it .
Making it every month freso retain the freshness.
Making it in large amount will loose the special flavour

Amita, thank you for sharing your wonderful condiment mix, I will surely make it soon and let you know!


Thanks to all who participated. Please let me know if I have missed out any entry.

Be sure to send in your entries for the Soups and Salads Mela

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