Spinach Paneer Balls ~ Bite Size Appetizers

We are starting the second week of BM#54. I will be sharing ideas for Bite Size appetizers. The idea for this theme is to showcase those starters that lets the guests leave one arm free to shake a hand, hold a drink or grab another. I borrowed this line from elsewhere, as I felt it […]

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Cauliflower Tempura | How to make Cauliflower Tempura

We are starting yet another BM Edition today, with first week for BM# 53 being ‘Bring on Fritters’. When I picked up this theme, I actually was thinking about Batters, Breading and Coatings. I love that topic and always look out for doing dishes under this one. I enjoy knowing how each of these techniques […]

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Cabbage Onion Pakoda

For the Cookbook Challenge this week, I decided to share the pakoda that I made last week. It was made healthy by the addition of cabbage, it didn’t have much of onions and more of cabbage. Konda almost didn’t know by the looks, however the moment she tasted she realized that it had cabbage. I […]

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How to make Paneer 65 ~ Restaurant Style

Paneer 65

I have with me one of the most ubiquitous dishes of all! The Paneer 65 Restaurant Style. In fact, any restaurant will run for its money after this. That’s a tall order, I know. However, that’s the feedback we got after our cousin tasted this and were not satisfied with just what was served. The […]

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Chicken Kabab | Fried Chicken Kababs

Chicken Kabab

Chicken Kabab or Deep Fried Chicken Kabab is the latest fast moving and frequently cooked dish for kids at home. When we go on vacations, I still manage to click pictures of the food that gets prepared during this time. When we visit my SIL’s place, I try to click pictures of the food she […]

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Mutton Liver Fry

This yet another simple liver fry is a dish that my BIL made when we had visited them. As I was saying when we visit my sil, the cooking happens without anybody actually knowing who does what. Like in this thali, it was cooked by three different people over 2 hrs and it was nearly […]

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Cashew Pepper Masala ~ Party Starters

Cashew Pepper Masala is one of the most frequently prepared snack for parties at parents place. We had served it during one of our parties and since then have repeated with other masala cashew nuts. As I had mentioned, when parents host a party at home, these masala cashews feature a lot. Amma keeps changing […]

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Masala Cashew Nuts ~ Party Starter

Masala Cashew Nuts

Spicy deep fried cashew nuts are a great party starter. Whenever parents host parties at home, this masala cashew nut is a must. These spicy nuts are also a great holidy snack to just indulge! At home all are fans of this snack and gets over in no time. Amma is known for her recipe […]

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