Laffa Bread ~ Israeli Flatbread

Laffa Bread

Laffa bread is a popular Israeli bread traditionally served with hummus as strips to dip and eat. However, as a street food, this bread takes different forms and is very popular. It can be sandwiched with Falafel, Matbucha or as Sabich. Middle East cuisine is popular for its various street foods, along with the dips […]

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Labneh, Spiced Butter ~ Dips for Savory Breads

For the final day under Tame the Yeast, BM# 46, I have two more dips that I had made. I know I ended up making so many dips that my family was getting so confused. Infact Konda said all the dips were so delicious that she wanted me to bake it another day separately for […]

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