Surnali Dosa ~ Vegan Gluten free Dosa

Surnali Dosa

Surnali Dosa is a popular dosa from the Konkani region that is soft and spongy made with just 3 simple ingredients. This dish is a vegan and gluten free dish making it suitable for all age group. I adapted this recipe from this site and I read more about, coming to know that there are […]

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Mushti Dosa | How to make Konkani Pancakes

Mushti Dosa

Mushti Dosa is a Konkani Dosa made with rice, poha and grated coconut. This dosa is very soft and tastes very delightful. This Mushti Dosa is one of the popular and traditional dishes from the Konkani cuisine. Mushti means ‘handful or fistful’. And it refers to the phrase of a fistful of nutrition. I adapted […]

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