Microwave Upma | How to make Upma in a Mug

Microwave Tomato Upma

Microwave Upma is the fastest way to have your breakfast and it tastes just as great as it is cooked on a stovetop. Enjoy this easy and quick one now by making your traditional upma in a microwave. This week I had picked up to make 1 dish in different appliances. I even thought of […]

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Baked Semolina Cake | Baked Upma in Muffin Tin

Baked Upma

Baked Upma is an attempt at baking regular South Indian Upma in an Oven. This Semolina cake is easy to serve as its baked in a Muffin Tin. I have a fancy of making different dishes in a Muffin Tin and in the process think of vague things to do. However, today’s dish is almost […]

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Thakkali Upma | How to make Tomato Upma

Thakkali Upma

Thakkali Upma is an easy and healthy dish that you can make for breakfast or dinner and makes a wholesome meal anytime. This| Tomato Upma makes a change from your regular upma. Though we frequently make either upma or Khichdi almost every other Saturday, I haven’t made this tomato upma for a while. The first […]

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Instant Podi Sevai ~ Cooking for One

Instant Podi Sevai

When Cooking for One, you can’t get any better than Instant Podi Sevai. In this quick tiffin you can use instant sevai that is available easily and quickly rustle up this breakfast. I used Instant Sevai and tempered with seasoning and Amma’s Podi. Since I was making it for the first time, I add salt […]

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Cabbage Rava Upma Recipe

Cabbage Upma

Cabbage Rava Upma is one of the recent add-ons to our Menu. I know many run a mile when spoken about Upmas. Luckily I am not one of those. Even though it’s not something I really remembered eating much while growing up, I remember relishing it as Amma’s Upmas are classic. I know I always […]

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Arisi Upma | Broken Rice Upma

I am happy that there are always somethings that you hear and feel surprised. That there are still stories that you hear about your parents and feel so good about it. That’s exactly what happened when Amma made this Arisi Upma and recollected her memories associated with this Upma. When Dad used to visit them […]

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Khichdi ~ Comfort Food!

The computer was out of form for a week and worse part was, the pictures were not on my laptop. Not that I cooked anything new during this time. But then I generally felt so disconnected that I literally wanted to shout out loud. I made frequent visits to my brother’s home to check the […]

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Biyam Rava Upma ~ Upma with Broken Rice!

Having decided to prepare dishes with rice, I couldn’t think of anything different than the Rice varieties. While discussing it with Athamma, she asked if we have done Biyam Roti, Biyam Vadiyalu, everything is already done. Then she asked if I have posted Biyam Upma. When I was excited hearing a upma with rice, she […]

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Bansi Rava Upma | Easy Breakfast Ideas

Well trying to figure to call this as Khichdi or Upma, led me to know quite a few things about the difference between Upma and Khichdi. Upma is always prepared with Wheat products, while Khichdi is prepared with Rice and Lentils. Inclusion of vegetables is done in both versions. Only people have resorted not to […]

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