Food Blog List ~ By Cuisine or Specialization!

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An Indian Food Blog list by Cuisine or Specialty, is what I thought was missing for a long time. Infact when I started blogging, I even created a blog specially for this purpose for collecting Indian Food blogs! Finally I was able to sit down with what I already have. But I would want this to be really comprehensive, listing as many as Indian blogs, including those interesting blogs covering Indian food possible, featuring the many cuisines that we have across the globe. Not just Indian but globally. So do help me build this.

The list need not be just on the region but also types. Like Vegan or Vegetarian. The aim is to help when you want to choose from a particular cuisine or food type. You can even want to be listed as a specific one, like there are many cuisines in Tamil Nadu, as Chettinadu, Karaikudi, to mention some. So imagine, if I want to prepare some Chettinadu dishes, this way its easy for me to know who is specialized in it.

Many of the blogs already listed are specialized in different cuisines, I have put them under a specific header just for me to know where to head if I need something from a certain cuisine.

Update: This was first published in July 2008. I thought I should re publish to celebrate the list!

Indian Cuisine

Miri’s Peppermill
Nithya’s Spices of life
Notyet100’s Asankhana
Padma’s Recipes
Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes from Indian n French!
Priyas kitchen – Spices in life
Radhika’s Tickling Palates
Ranjani’s Wake up and smell the masala
Renuka’s Fusion
Roochi’s Adding spice to lifes
Saffron Hut
Sangeeth’s Art of Cooking Indian Food
Sara’s Corner
Sheetal’s Whatz cooking?
Shella’s Kitchen Art
Shreya Mom’s Cooking
Siri’s Corner
SriLekha’s Me and My Kitchen
The Cooks Cottage
Trupti’s Recipe Center
Vandana Rajesh’s Cooking up something nice
VKN’s My Dhaba

Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

Anupama’s Mitho Limdo
Deepika’s Less Sugar, Please … For a Sweeter Life
Divya Kannan’s …and a little bit more…
Kamala’s Corner
Madhuram’s Eggless Cooking
Madhu’s Cooking Gallery
Mansi’s Fun and Food
Mythreyee’s Paajaka Recipes
Neha’s Tasty Recipes
Priya’s Akshayapaatram
Rajee’s Everyday cooking!!
Skribles’s Food with a Pinch of Love
Sukanya’s Musings
Vidhya’s My Receipes
Viji’s Veg Corner

Andhra Cuisine

Chaitra’s Aathidhyam
Hima’s SnackORama
Indira’s Mahanandi
Jyothi’s Andhra Spicy
Kamini’s The Bubbling Cauldron
Nav’s Memories and Meals
Padmaja’s Spicy Andhra
Padma’s Kitchen
Pavani’s Food Lovers
Rekha’s Plantain Leaf
Sailus Food
Uma’s Essence of Andhra

Bengali Cuisine

Indrani’s Appyayans
Jaya’s Spice and Curry
Sharmila’s Kichu Khon

Gujarathi Cuisine

Coffee’s The Spice Cafe

Hyderabadi Cuisine

Mona’s Zaiqa – Modern Hyderabadi Cuisine

Karnataka Cuisine

Asha’s Foodie’s Hope
Keerthana’s Kitchen Vibes
LG’s Taste of Mysore
Madhu’s Ruchii a Vegetarian blog
Sia’s Monsoon Spice
Sushma’s CookSpot
Sushma’s Savi Ruchi a vegetarian blog
Veda’s Iyengar’s kitchen

Kerala Cuisine

Aparna’s My Diverse Kitchen
Dhanya’s Home Cooking
Jayashree’s My experiments with food
Jayasree’s Experiments in Kailas Kitchen
Jyothsna’s Currybazaar
JZ’s Tasty treats

Prajusha’s I Cook I post
Priya’s Kitchen
Shn’s Mishmash
Sig’s Live To Eat

Konkani Cuisine

Divya’s Easycooking
Ranji’s Kitchen Corner
Red Chillies

Maharashtrian Cuisine

Saee Koranne-Khandekar
Tee’s Bhaatukli
Vaidehi’s Chakali

Mangalorean Cuisine

Seema’ Everyday cooking recipes from my kitchen…..
Ujwal’s Kitch Labs

Oriya Cuisine

Pearlsofeast’s Any one can cook

Pondicherry Cuisine

Lavi’s Home Cook’s Recipe’s

Sindhi Cuisine

Alka’s Sindhi Rasoi
Medhaa’s Cook With Love

Sourashtrian cuisine

Radhika Vasanth’s Sourashtra Kitchen

Tamil Nadu Cuisine

Ambika’s Yen Samayalarai
Archana’s My Culinary Endeavours
Bharathy’s Spicy Chilly
Cham’s Spice Club
Divya’s Dil Se…
Josephs Kitchen
Kalai’s Samaithu Paarkalaam
Kamala’s Moms Recipes
Lakshmik’ Veggie Cuisine
Nirmala Amma’s special
Ramya’s Kitchen Corner featuring Kongu Nadu
Suganya’s Tasty Palettes
Sujatha’s Khazana of my favorite recipes..
Sumi’s Kitchen
The Yum Blog
Vibaas’s Vegetarian Recipes…
Vidhya’s Appetizing Recipes
Viji’s Vcuisine

Uttar Pradesh Cuisine

Nidhi’s Charche Chauke Ke

Others – (Cooking mostly but more on Humour, Rants, Entertainment, Confused Cuisine, Lazy Cooking!)

Rajitha’s Hunger Pangs

Other Specialty Blogs

Dhanya’s Cakes

Globally Flavored!

A Life (Time) of Cooking
Andrew’s Spittoon Extra
Dhanggit’s Kitchen
Elise’s Simply Recipes
Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen
Lee’s Stream in the Hip Desert
Linda’s Out Of The Garden

Blog Forums!

Food World
Global Desi Mommy
Indian Blog Network
Taste Of India

Other Non Food Bloggers

Kamini’s Tales of South India
SBF – Voice of India & World

If you have a food blog and want to be included in this blogroll, please link back to Food Blog List – By Cuisine and leave the following details in the comments sections, (Please don’t send me an email with these details, comments are fine!)

Your Name:
Your Blog Name:
Blog URL:
Featured Cuisine or Specialty:

Note: For those of you who don’t know which cuisine your blog comes under, but still want to be listed here, can just leave the details. If its blogged by an Indian, I will list it under Indian Cuisine, else under Global.

This list can be referred by clicking the link “Food Blog List” in the header for future usage.

I usually get around updating this list monthly, please bear with me otherwise!

Important Notice: This list will feature only blogs authored by either individuals or a group of bloggers. And is purely my discretion!

Update: The blog list is closed for now. If you have linked back to this Food List, your blog might be considered for being listed here.


  1. Hi Sri, this is a great effort. Congratulations on this post! I would like to be under Indian Cuisine, but I am just about a month old, so is that ok?

    Indian Cuisine; Mom’s Cooking –

    Will add a link to this list in my next post.

    Thanks so much, and good luck on your endeavours. Do let us know if there is any way we can help you out.

  2. Hey Sri,

    could u please add my blog too? I am not sure which category I would come under, cos I try almost everything!! so if to be categorised reginally, i would come under Kerala cuisine. Or maybe I would come under Indian… specialising in desserts! πŸ˜‰ Please do as you find appropriate!

    Blog name: Tasty treats


  3. hey dear,u can squeeze in and try to fit, my site under Indian cuisine
    i wish to be listed as Alka’s Sindhirasoi
    The url is
    Thanks and i too will soon post a link for this on my site
    Pls get back to me if any hitches,i mean i ain’t sure whether my site cud be honored as blog site(as it is not on blogspot)
    Thanks again for this gr8 effort

  4. Hey Srivalli, One person I know who will regularly update her bloglist….that’s you. So, I do not want to be missed. I cook food from everywhere but the core is from Uttar Pradesh. So, if you could put me in Uttar Pradesh (central…lucknow,varanasi belt….I have no clue how to tell:) )
    Blog name : Charche Chauke Ke
    Blog’s URL :

  5. Hi Valli,

    Nice blog listing you have done. Surely I would like to be a part of it :).
    I wish to be listed as “Tastes Of India” From Bhawana. Great work done.

  6. Hey Valli.. I cook all cuisines..(atleast try to..), but am an Indian.. so guess I wud be under ‘Indian Cuisine’..:)


  7. Put mine on your blog listing Srivalli
    Your Name:Roochi
    Your Blog Name:Adding spice to life-Roochis
    Featured Cuisine or Specialty: Indian

    Thanks, I am linking back

  8. Hi Sri,
    I have been to your blog so many times, but never saw this link :).This is so cool, sorting by cusine. Please add me in as well, I will link back to this from my blog. Thanks.
    Name :Madhu
    Blog name : Ruchii
    Blog URL
    Cuisine: Karnataka-Vegetarian cuisine.

  9. Hi srivalli,
    Nice blog listings!! Include mine under indian cuisine plz.

    Blog name: Ratatouille-Any one can cook
    Blog URL:http;//
    Cuisine:Indian cuisine


  10. Hi Srivalli,

    Appreciate your patience and efforts to build this page. It would definitely help people like me who craves to cook various indian cuisine. Can you please add me to the Food Blog list. I will link my blog to this page in my next post. Thanks in advance.

    Your Name: Radhika Vasanth
    Blog URL:
    Featured Cuisine or Specialty: Sourashtrian cuisine


  11. Dear Sri Valli!!
    Pls add me in your BlogRoll.
    My name-Chaitra
    Blog name-Aathidhyam
    Specialty-Promoting Andhra dishes
    So U can put me under Andhra Cuisine

  12. Hi Srivalli,
    Can you please add my blog to the list..

    Indian Vegetarian Cuisine is what I think it will fall under.Although,I cook from Cookies, desserts to home cooked simple dishes..You may be the best person to figure that out:)

    Thanks a bunch!

  13. Hello Srivalli, here's mine!

    Ria Mathew
    Ria's Collection!

    Cuisine- I am a Malayali, but my blog features all sorts of cuisine… So guess Indian would suit me better!!


  14. Woooowwwww…..
    Your blog is really a treasure and a feast for eyes….I have been wandering in your blog for an hour now.
    I would love to be on ur blog list too. I cook all cuisines, but mainly try to put all the famous Muslim cuisine in north Kerala, Malabar. So you can put m under Kerala.
    Blog url:
    Blog name : Shab's Cuisine.

  15. hi valli,

    add me to ur blog list.

    my name is MGM.

    Blog name is RUCHI BY MGM
    url is http;//
    iam blogging almost karnataka dishes.

  16. I am Sadhana and love to have my blog listed in this list
    My blog name is Madappalli
    Blog url http;//
    Cuisine: No Onion No Garlic
    Vegetarian cuisine

  17. Srivalli, you have a good bloglist too…Though I've 800+ blogs in my list, I'm sure there must be 500+ blogs still out there which are not listed yet!!!

  18. That's a great list you've got there! We'd love to be added to the Globally Flavored gang –

    Your Name: R & R
    Your Blog Name: Tadka Pasta
    Blog URL:
    Featured Cuisine or Specialty: Global

  19. Hi Srivalli,

    Your blog is the one stop shop for so many people, thanks a ton. Appreciate your help!

    Kindly add my blog under 'Mangalorean Cuisine'

    My Name: Shireen Sequeira
    Blog Name: Ruchik Randhap (Delicious Cooking)
    Blog URL:
    Featured Cuisine or Specialty:
    Traditional Mangalorean cuisine with a focus on Catholic style food

  20. Oh wow, great initiative, Srivalli! This page is worth bookmarking! You might want to publish it again now in case people have forgotten or are not aware of this database! So helpful, really!

    I'd like to add my blog to your list too.

    Name: Nisha
    Blog Name: Spusht
    Featured Cuisine or Specialty: You may put me under 'Others' or 'Indian Vegetarian' because my blog is about various topics in addition to vegetarian food.
    Thanks! And do consider republishing it πŸ™‚


  21. Hi,
    This is a great attempt,appreciate it…
    Pl link mine too…

    Name : Food Corner
    Speciality – Sri Lankan food & other cuisine

    Thanks in advance

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