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  1. Usha says

    At our home it is usually pappu chaaru and I make sambar powder only when I make sambar for the blog. I am thinking of stocking up sambar powder since Gayathri gave us some during the meet. I used it in subzi and it gave a nice flavor to the vegetable.

  2. vaishali sabnani says

    That's a lovely color that you have for the podi...I can never think of making it at home...Sambar is made once a month and the Podis given by Nandini and Kamallika are a good stock for me.
    And yes the masala dabba looks interesting.

  3. Recipe world says

    Nice recipe..Hope to try this Sambar powder sometime 🙂

  4. Sapana Behl says

    Nice podi recipe.Bookmarked.

  5. Sandhiya says

    Mom made sambar powder and pack it for me, so i never made this so far..Good one..Will try this version sometime.

  6. Srividhya says

    I too recently posted sambhar podi recipe. Finally learnt this time in India

  7. Pavani N says

    That is such a flavorful sambar podi. I rarely make it at home, I generally buy MTR brand podi.

  8. Archana Potdar says

    Beautiful and flavourful. Can we not leave the sun out... I do not get the sun .

  9. Chef Mireille says

    sambar must taste especially delicious with this homemade podi

  10. Neeraja Rao says

    Thank you. Looks very good . Will try. You have mentioned turmeric powder twice. Is it just a repetition or some other ingredient which is not listed. Please do reply

    • Srivalli says

      Thanks, yes this sambar podi turns out very good. Thanks for pointing out. It was a typo, I have rectified it now.

  11. Namita says

    Hi, one request - could you please give measurements in spoons and not gms? Am a north indian and make sambhar occasionally.

  12. Srivalli says

    Give me some time Namita, will you give the measurements in cups/spoons.

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