Pariba Khechudi | Puri Jagannath Temple Style

Pariba Khechudi

Pariba Khechudi is a popular Odisha Satwik dish prepared in the Puri Jagannath temple way. This is a healthy comfort dish as it has loads of vegetables in the dish. When it was the turn to finalise for P, I decided to do Pariba Khechudi from Odisha. I was also keen to select from all […]

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Carrot Beans Sambar ~ Lunch Box Series : LBS#7

Carrot Beans Sambar

Carrot Beans Sambar is one of the sambar varieties that’s popular in Tamil Nadu. The sweetness of carrot lends a unique taste to this sambar. Since this post was many years ago, I decided to redo the same dishes and took new pictures as part of the BM#90, Redo Old posts. I enjoyed making it […]

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Vegetable Biryani

Biriyanis in any form is great to have. Especially for a working woman like me, this is one easy dish to make and not think of side dishes and other extra items that we might normally have to prepare. Planning for a complete meal for the lunch is a big herculean task. Especially at home […]

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Sweet Corn Soup | How to make Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup

Sweet Corn Soup is a lightly spiced soup made with sweet corns and mixed vegetables. This surely makes a winter nights fantastic and for a party the best soup you can serve. Though I am not a soup person, meaning when I have soup for a meal, I can’t have anything else after that. Unlike […]

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Pav Bhaji

What pizza is to Italy or the hot-dog is to America, pav bhaji has the same connotation to western India. Pav bhaji or pao bhaji is a specialty Indian dish with origins in Mumbai and Gujarat. In Marathi pav means bread (the term derives from the Portuguese “pao”) and bhaji means a curry and vegetable […]

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