Ulli Karam Dosa with Cheese From Andhra

Ulli Karam Dosa

Ulli Karam Dosa is a delicious Dosa topped with a spicy onion chutney spread. When you are serving to kids, you can make it more interesting by adding cheese. When I was thinking about what to make for U, I remembered the Telugu word Ulli for Onions. I was thinking if I should search for […]

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Jini Dosa ~ Spicy Cheese Dosa Mumbai Street Food

Jini Dosa

Jini Dosa is a popular street food from Mumbai made with regular dosa batter, topped with veggies and a mix of sauces, finally topped with cheese. This is supposed to be one of the most popular dishes to try from the Mumbai Street Foods. When I was doing the AtoZ International Street Food during April, […]

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