Khichdi ~ Comfort Food!

The computer was out of form for a week and worse part was, the pictures were not on my laptop. Not that I cooked anything new during this time. But then I generally felt so disconnected that I literally wanted to shout out loud. I made frequent visits to my brother’s home to check the […]

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Rajma Masala with Aloo!

Rajma Masala is mostly served with Rice and is famously referred as Rajma Chawal. However, when you are serving with roti,  you will want a little thick gravy, so in today’s recipe, I have a thick gravy, where I haven’t used any electronic gadgets to grind any of the ingredients. To make the gravy thick, […]

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Peas Kofta Curry

Peas are such interesting things to find in a pulao. Though the season brings in lot of the fresh ones, I somehow don’t like to bite on a fresh one. It gives feeling of kacha which somehow doesn’t go well with taste for me. So I always preferred dried ones. Best of these would be […]

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Aloo Mutter Masala | How to make Punjabi Aloo Matar Gravy

Aloo Mattar Masala

Aloo Mutter Masala is a delicious gravy dish mostly prepared for Rotis and Pooris. However I was once attempted to make these for Appam after a chance eating of this served with Appam. Tantalizing aroma was sneaking out of the hot box that was laid on the table. When I peeped in, saw some rich […]

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Nellore Chicken | How to make Nellore Chicken Fry

Nellore Chicken

Nellore Chicken is a chicken dry starter prepared with Indian Spices and saute with egg to make a wholesome dish on its own. A fusion dish created to have the best of the ingredients added. -Updated on Jul 24th 2018. I updated this with new pictures and formatted recipe. Everything else remains the same and […]

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X – Chicken Fry

X Chicken Fry

X Chicken Fry is a delicious dry roast that works as a wonderful starter for your parties. This easy to make chicken fry can be done with easily available pantry ingredients. When I was thinking about reworking on the pictures, I wanted to make sure we make those dishes that are absolutely our family’s favorite. […]

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Vegetable Biryani

Biriyanis in any form is great to have. Especially for a working woman like me, this is one easy dish to make and not think of side dishes and other extra items that we might normally have to prepare. Planning for a complete meal for the lunch is a big herculean task. Especially at home […]

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Kodikoora – Andhra Chicken Gravy

The delicious Andhra cuisine, is reputedly the spiciest and hottest of all Indian cuisine. When we think of Andhra cuisines, hot spicy gravies comes to mind. Especially if its a Non-Veg, no doubt it has to be spicy. Here comes a recipe undoubtedly spicy and deliciously. Well you might ask how I can know without […]

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Spicy Rice Maharashtrian Style – Masala Bhath

Weekends are always hectic. Planning to prepare something special for Sunday lunch is always interesting and exciting. Especially if I am trying new recipes, I am filled with apprehensive thoughts like ‘will this dish will be accepted by all and etc etc’. This time I wanted to try something Marathi and I adapted this recipe […]

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