Hing er Kochuri ~ A to Z Indian Pooris

Hing er Kochuri

Hing er Kochuri or Asofeotida flavoured stuffed Urad dal Pooris are a popular breakfast dish from Bengal. When I did Radhaballabhi, I came across these small sized hing flavoured Urad dal stuffed pooris that Sandeepa was talking about. I had done such an elaborate research on what stuffing goes into Radhaballabhi and how popular and […]

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How to make Masala Masoor Dal ~ Step by Step

Learn to prepare this simple, yet delicious dal all spiced up with masala – Masala Masoor Dal. Masoor dal is such an easy and versatile lentil to stock. Cooking this dried lentil hardly takes time and you can quickly have your meal all cooked and ready under 30 mins, with the rice as well. I […]

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