Nicaraguan Quesillo | How to make Corn Tortilla with Cheese

Nicaraguan Quesillo

Nicaraguan Quesillo are little corn tortillas that have melted cheese along with pickled onions and some sour cream. These are made with corn tortillas and a popular street food from Nicaragua. Nicaraguan Quesillo means little cheese and these are served in little plastic bags so that the pickled onions don’t get lost. Also the cheese […]

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Focaccia di Recco ~ Italian Cheese Stuffed Flatbread

Focaccia di Recco

Focaccia di Recco is a rustic Italian flatbread stuffed with cheese. As per legend, this dish was created by the citizens of Recco when there were in hiding with whatever basic ingredients available on hand. With change and adaptation, we find this in every bakery as a thin focaccia filled with melty cheese and rolled […]

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Cascioni Romganoli | How to make Stuffed Cascioni

Cascioni Romganoli from Italy

Cascioni Romganoli is a griddle cooked flatbread stuffed with Swiss Chard, Tomatoes and cheese. Apart from these savoury fillings, one can use sweet fillings like jam or Nutella as well. These are made with the same dough used for making Piadina, a rustic flatbread from Romagna. Since Cascioni Romganoli is a savoury treat, you can […]

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