Sukhi Subzi Roll | How to make Roll with Mixed Vegetables

Sukhi Subzi Roll

Sukhi Subzi Roll can be done with an everyday vegetable side dish with your regular wheat rotis. These rolls can be packed for office lunch as well as the filling is dry. I regularly make Aloo Cauliflower Sukki Subzi. This time when I decided to make some rolls, I wanted it to be different and […]

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Carrot Batani Kura | How to make Carrot Peas Curry

Carrot Batani Kura

Carrot Batani Kura is a simple gravy served as side dish for Rotis. With just basic spice powders, this curry makes a wonderful side dish and gets done very quickly. Carrot Batani Kura translates to Carrot Peas Curry, a simple easy to make side dish for rotis. This is a side dish that Amma used […]

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Peas Paratha | How to make Matar Paratha

Stuffed Peas Paratha

Peas Paratha is a filling delicious stuffed paratha made with fresh peas in season. Spiced with different flavours, this stuffed peas paratha is easy to make. During winter when peas is in season, we often make different dishes with the fresh stock apart from freezeing major part of it for use during the later months. […]

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Mixed Vegetable Kurma 4 ~ Side Dish for Roti

One would think that after so many versions of kurma, there would be no more. Yet here is another quick and easy version of kurma that we make. With most dinners being roti with subji, there is always a need to check out new versions of the old stuff. Most at home wouldn’t mind a […]

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Aloo Matar Masala yet again!

This Aloo Matar Masala is yet another take on the regular version I make at home for Chapatis. For a change, this is served along with Appams, for our Sunday Brunch. I still have a couple of more Diwali snacks to share, but I thought I will give a break here! The weekend went off […]

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