Visiri Dosai | Chettinad Visiri Dosai

Visiri Dosai

Visiri Dosai from Chettinad is a lacy crepe made with different flours and is an instant dosa variety. This means there is no fermentation needed and if you are in a hurry to make something, this is the dish you will opt for! I adapted it from this recipe and I have no clue why […]

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Thavalai Dosa | Tamil Nada Special Thavala Dosa

Thavalai Dosa

Thavalai means a vessel in Tamil and this Thavalai Dosai refers to the Dosai that is cooked in a small wok/Kadai referred to as the ‘Appachatti’. Thavala Dosa is a specialty dish from North Arcot District of Tamil Nadu. This is one of those No Ferment Dosa I selected and made together in the batch […]

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Aavakai Uragaya ~ Andhra Special

Aavakai Uragaya or Aavakaaya as it is called is the famous Mango Pickle from Andhra Pradesh. Andhra is known for its pickles and chutneys and every summer is spent preparing this mango pickle. I have always seen this preparation happening at home with Amma getting the chilli powder from Andhra. My aunt, who used to […]

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