Pulihora | Tamarind Rice ~ Navratri Special Dishes – Day 1


Happy Navaratri to all my readers! We are starting the Navaratri pooja from today and we will be observing for the next nine days with special neivedyam for the Goddess. Please check my Navratri Special Dishes for more ideas to make these nine days. I hope you will find the page useful. Today I started […]

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Soya Bean in Rice Dosa and Uttappam ~ 101 Dosa Varieties!

Weekends always seem to fly right by the window or so it seems. Especially when I have the Saturday also off, I plan for so many things, ultimately most of it would be still pending. First, it was Chinnu who was down with fever, but luckily he recovered after one dose of crocin. Since he […]

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Andhra Pulihora, Tamarind Rice ~ Andhra Special!

Andhra Pulihora

Andhra Pulihora is a spicy tamarind based rice dish from Andhra Cuisine. While there are many ways of making this tangy tamarind rice from the South States, this version from Andhra uses spices specific to the state. This weekend we visited Tirumala in Tirupati. The town owes its existence to the sacred temple situated on […]

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It is Vermicelli Curd Rice!

Semiya Curd Rice

Semiya Curd Rice, called as Semiya Bagala Bath in Telugu, is made with Vermicelli and curd as the regular curd rice. Of course there is no rice in this dish. Still Amma calls this dish by this name. This one tugs at memories when Amma used to make it often for her dinner parties that […]

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