Kalkandu Sadam ~ Indian Sweet!

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Remember this Kalkandu Sadam? Well I made it during the Navratri pooja on the final day of the nine days of celebration. I was planning so much for the Vijaya Dasami feast, in the end we had other plans. In the hurry to leave for the trip, I couldn’t find time to post then. I suddenly remembered that it was still lying in the draft.

I even carried it with us for the trip to be eaten later. When I tasted it after nearly 6 hours, even then the taste was uniquely different and very delicious. Well delicious it ought to be, for it was made with Rock candy. Having never discussed this particular ingredient with anybody outside South, I am not sure how well it is liked by others, but here in south, these Kalkandu are really so famous and loved by all.

I remember the trip to Tirumala was never complete without a packet of this kalkandu with dates. Those irregular shaped candies were a real treat. They come in different size, you can break them into smaller bites before popping in. But these days you get shaped ones too in many shapes.

I added kesar colour for the bright appearance.


Since it was for neivedyam, I used a small cup.

Kalkandu Sadam ~ Rock candy Rice

Ingredients Needed:

Rice – 1 small cup
Milk – 2 cups (same cup)
Water – 1 cup
Rock Candy / Kalkandu – 2 cups (plus 2 tsp extra for garnish)
Ghee – 2 tbsp
Cardamom a pinch
Saffron few strands soaked in warm milk
Kesar food colour a pinch

To garnish
Cashews and Raisins few – roasted in ghee.

Method to prepare

Wash and pressure cook the rice with milk and water till soft. Mash it well.

In a kadai, take the rock candy and enough water to just cover the candies. Boil it till it melts. You need not mostly sieve for impurities as this will not have.

Again boil it till you see the bubble coming out.

Add the mashed rice, cardamom powder, soaked saffron and ghee one by one. Once it is cooked well switch off the stove and garnish it with fried cashews and raisins and 2 tsp of Kalkandu.

This tastes great when served hot, the whole kalkandu tastes good when you bite along with the rice. This can be served cold too if you wish.

Happy weekends!

Kalkandu Sadam ~ Indian Sweet!

Author Srivalli
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  1. Lovely pictures, Valli! The color looks smashing! Remids me of a dish called "zarda" back home, which is sweetened rice with a lovely orange color and some dried coconut.

    Rock candy is called misri in Hindi and Punjabi and is quite popular with kids and also a part of prasads in Temples. My Mom used to carry it with her all the time (along with cardamoms) whenever we went on a long bus/train journey-when taken together, these made an instant cure for motion sickness and sore throat!

  2. That's a wonderful recipe. Using crystal sugar is very innovative. Have a pack of these unattended to in my kitchen pantry for months together. Time to use them..:)

  3. I've had this in the temples only so far and always wondered how delicious it was. Yours looks like the temple version and the pic is great

  4. Didn't know that kalakanda can be used to make kheer (Right?).
    Does it taste different than using sugar in the dish?
    I had brought a little from India & have to check how much is left.

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