Methi Na Dhebra | Gujarati Methi Na Dhebra

Gujarati Methi Na Dhebra

Methi Na Dhebra or Gujarati Methi Na Dhebra is an Indian flatbread made with pearl millet with fresh fenugreek leaves and spices. This is a staple gujarati dish and loved by all. Dhebra has a good shelf life as it is cooked with ghee in amount. First of all, this bread has good shelf life, […]

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Detox Drink with Cucumber, Mint, and Amla

This Detox Drink made with cucumber, mint and amla, is a refreshing drink that you can sip through the day. It really helps you detox your body. For the second day of Detox Diet, I have a refreshing drink to enjoy through the day. My Dietician suggested this Detox Drink when she wrote down my […]

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