The Mango Mela ~ Part 2!

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Welcome to the second edition of the Mango Mela. I am sure you still reeling with the effect of the first one. But then I can wait for ever right, so here comes the dazzling part 2, which for sure will have you all even more drooling over your screens!

So I warn you ahead, get ready to feast on some awesome creations with mangoes!


As usual there are some entries which have me in a tight spot! For the life of me, I can never think of such categories beforehand but what the heck I just decided to club them together, after all these are so lovely! Be it a raita or a chat or just sprinkled mango pieces, these have everything listed!

For those of you who are for ever in need of a regular change, then Ramki’s 10 simple no-cook mango recipes will be a great boon.

Lets us start with a raita and Cham make sure her Green mango raita is delicious enough!

Then lets move to enjoy some chat with Padma Garla’s Mango Chick Pea Chat.

Or these tasty looking Mango Palya from Varsha Prabhu.

Other Collage


If you are those who enjoy the fruit as such, I mean raw ok, then these seasoned slices are just on offering. Priya Suresh and Shoba Shrinivasan are enjoying the bounty as such with just a little spice and salt to make it a day with these Spicy Mango Slices!

If you are still hungry for more mangoes, then Priti has some Mango Pancake with Pear Stuffing,

what you don’t like pear? well no problem, Sharmila has made some delicious Mango Pancakes just for you!

I am not sure about you, but I am all set to wash off everything with this sating bowl of Curd Rice with Mangoes


Cakes are lovely to serve, especially if you bake it yourself. Just imagining the aroma sniffing out of the oven when a cake is being baked is enough to send you heady! Lets check out some lovely concepts with Mangoes!

Three wonderful bloggers sends us their version of simple plain Mango Cakes. I had hard time choosing which was to be made right away, be it Jayasree Satish’s or Kalai’s or Sharmila’s.

Next we have Maybelle’s Mom sending us her lovely Mango Oatmeal Cookies.

Cake Collage


While Priya Suresh ensures we have a Eggless N No Bake Mango Cheesecake

You want smaller servings? Well then Sweatha’s Mango Brownie Cupcakes will be the perfect choice! And of course from the lovely Sig, who offers you a perfect Muffins flavoured with Mangoes!

If you happened to have mango jam on hand, we have Saritha coming out with an innovative idea of making a cake using it.

Finally we have two lovely Vegan creations from Sunshinemom, one Bundt Cake, the other flovoured with Orange Coconut.


Next we come to the most delicious way of eating Mangoes! Not that the other ways are not, just that when something is served chilled and as a dessert, it does tend to get so much so attention!

First on the way comes these lovely creations made with mango and cream. But it a just mixed with cream or blended with it, these love cream dishes are heavenly. Check out Priya Suresh’s Eggless Mango Cream.

Followed by Shaista Malik’s bowl of this Mango & Cream is no less!

Then from Andhra Kitchen comes a simple Mango Dessert and if you want Sago added to it, then check out Aqua daze’s Mango Sago Desserts.

Or if you are in mood for some truffles, then Dido Divya’s Chocolate ganache mango layered truffle is the prefect one for you!

Madhuram has a great fanfare for her egg less creations and this Fat Free Mango Strawberry Bread is even more exotic!

Then comes a lovely Layered Dessert Mango Special from My Experiments & Food.

I must a fool to think I won’t succumb to this lovely temptation called the Mango fruit fool from Priya Narasimhan

Jellies are such delightful things and Priya Suresh seems to have got it right with her Mango Jelly.

While Shri enjoys her Mango Semifreddo.

We have two delicious entries from Sunita, which I am sure was a great hit with her kids. Her Hot and sweet mango crumble makes you want to reach out while her Mango and saffron lollies are just prefect for the season!

If there was another way of enjoying a chilled dessert its surely kulfis and we have Indrani dhar sending her Mango Kulfi while Priya Suresh flovours the mango kulfi with kesar

Pana Cottas are Italian desserts made with fruit, cream, milk and sugar. We have a greek special Pana Cotta with mangoes and yogurt! from Ivy

While Parita Shah send in her version of Mango Pannacotta

We then have some fruit salads coming our way. Be it the way Padma Srinivasagam makes

Or the way Sukanya Thalpati tops it with Jelly or how Thanu blends it with Mango base. Each of them are a treat to enjoy!

Ok as I said I became a bit more learned with this edition, knowing what Sorbet meant. These are iced fruit juices and served with different assortments. So its no wonder that Jaya Wagle being mad about mangoes makes this delicious Mango Sorbet

Then we have Preeti making a Mango Mastani for us, while Priya Suresh blends Mango N Almond for her Sorbet

Finally we have Tara topping her Sorbet with with Candied Mangoes


Next collection is all about custards, puddings, mousse and ice creams! Yea I can see so many drooling eyes out there!

Before that I am sure you would love to check out this lovely Mini Galettes with mangoes made by Aparna.

Then we have a three lovely varieties of custards starting from Kavya Naimish who made Mango Bread Balls in Custard, followed by these mango custards from Rekha and Shruthi Dinesh.

Next comes a hoard of Ice creams coming our way, all so lovely and bright yellow. Just looking at Jayasree Satish’s Mango Ice cream makes me want to reach out!

Not to mention the one that Prathibha sends us or this totally bewitching treat from The Cook’s Collection

Then we have a Pistachio flovoured mango ice cream from Priti and Eggless Low Fat Mango Ice Cream from Aqua daze

A Mousse is normally a creamy dessert made with whipped egg whites and heavy cream but our friends can be so very innovative! We have some lovely eggless mousse which are such a boon for people like me!

But whether I eat or not I can spend hours drooling over what Meeta creates! and this Mango Yogurt Mousse is no less!

And another lovely Mango Yogurt Mousse comes from Rekha.

Dessert2 Collage

Then we have two tempting entries from Priya Suresh, first her Eggless Mango Mousse followed by these Oats N Mango Mousse Delight

Ok, if you are fond of puddings, then yes you have a wide choice to choose from! Be it these plain mango flavoured puddings from Nithya or Priya’s Feast or Shab Vidya or this Thai Mango Pudding from Food Fanatic. If you prefer honey, then check out this Honey Mango Pudding from Pooja S

Finally we come to last of these tantalizing array of desserts to finish it out with Shrikhand! Wow when I first tasted one, I couldn’t stop with one serving. I am sure you feel the same. So check out the mango maniac that attacked Cham with this lovely Mango shrikhand

Or the way we see Dee is back to the grind with her version of Mango Yogurt

Then we have Jaya Wagle sending her version of Amrakhand, to be followed by Prathibha Shrikarani. last on the delicious ones comes Renu Amrakhand.


Phew, with the assault of all those delicious desserts I thought I had finished, only to become aware of yet another handful of entries pending. This time its all Indian all the way!

Check out this Mango Rava Kesari Bath from Anu and lovely Mango Sheera from Preeti

Or if you are in mood for some halwas, am sure this Mixed Fruit Halwa from Saritha will do. But if you are lazy and want a quick halwa, then Priya Suresh has the perfect answer!

But if you want some payasam Kamala from her corner has the lovely bowl! along with another version of kheer from Kavitha n Gayathri

Indian Sweets Collage

If you are very adventurous then you can try these Kolukattai filling made with mangoes from Anu with her Yummy Recipes!

Bored of the same old Jamoons? Then why don’t you try Kavya Naimish’s Kala Jamoon with Mangoes!

Finally as a delight to all we have Mango Badam Delite from Avanthi Rao. What a lovely way to close doors on this seasons’ most favorite fruit!

I would like to thank all the wonderful bloggers who have enthusiastically sent in their entries and have my Melas on the go. And all those of you who express regret in not sending in an entry, here is a chance again. You can send your entries now!!!……kidding ok..:)

I have really enjoyed having you here! Hope you all enjoyed and would try this collection!!

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