Microwave Easy Cooking with Cakes – Round up and next Theme!

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Ok looks like I am 2 days behind the schedule, blame it on the foodies meet we had. I was so busy excited about it, that I didn’t get enough time do the recap! And also not preparing few more entries that I planned for my own event! But I was so happy that we bloggers met. It gives so much personalization to this entire blogging! I was happy seeing some new entries coming in and sad to see few were not able to participate. But its all in the game. After all we have a life out there! I don’t want all of us so glued to our monitors that we don’t realize and even have enough time to enjoy the scene of a dusk kissing the earth! Yes the other day, I managed to leave early home by 6 and I was surprised to see a big balloon staring at me from far. For a moment, I was wondering what’s that big balloon doing out there, only to realize, its the sun. It was such a beautiful big orange one, with clouds weaving in between!

I know I know, I don’t want this post to be another of my long long ones, I will save those sentiments for another!

Before checking out how each one got baked so beautifully, let me announce what we can do during the month of May. By popular demand, lets do Steamed Dishes. I am still not clear what all will be included, but if its any of those dishes where you normally stream in stove top, you do the same in MW, send them on! This includes from salads to cooked dishes!.Send in as many ever you want, by 31st May, 2008, with Subject line MEC: Steamed Dishes! Check out here for more details.

Now how about having a slice of these beautiful cakes!

From the lovely lady comes a molten love, I mean a molten lava cake with chocolate!

This is called lava because it oozes like a molten lava!..gosh, that cup looks great!

Dhivya comes along with a lovely looking Ginger carrot cake!. Its is a sweet spice cake with grated carrot and ginger mixed into the batter.

She was surprised by the soft and fluffy cakes..well they do look so yummy!
Neha sent me another carrot cake, I think cakes in mw are so healthy as carrots seemed to be added more.

I was rude in telling her that its got to be made in mw, and poor girl replied saying she did! my I am glad she did!

Smita comes out with a beautiful looking cake made with chocolate, orange and raisin. And she says she was happy getting a chocolate treat in under 20 mins.

I am sure she will be happy seeing so many under 5 min entries! Thank you Smita

Divya made an eggless cake to surprise her hubby on their anniversary!

And I am happy to know that she was able to make both of them happy!

For one who says she is no microwave person, she comes out with a mean looking cake!

so we have another dish from foody guru which is sure a topper!


It was a melodrama unfolding in Divya’s home, and climax is in her coming out with a cake less than 3 mins!

I have always known the darks of night are always the best time for baking, but coming out with a cake in 2 mins, beats the record!


Ok, when I announced Cakes, I thought it will be easy for many. She has been asking me for cakes for so long!. When I finally did, I had anticlimax thinking nobody will send in entries, esp Cham!

But she had a mission impossible movie running and came out with a beautiful cake. With all 9 yards!

Kamala’s boys are wonderful! They like only traditional food. And when it comes to cakes, only vanilla.

So she was left with option of making a simple chocolate cake. But I am glad they loved it!


When I thought of cakes, the savoury part never struck me. So when Nandita posted Handwo, I was drooling all over it. The pictures were just too yummy!

Then I see a comment from her asking if I mind a savoury cake! I was all trilled knowing she was talking about a Handwo, which is a Gujarati steamed delicacy!

Jayasree comes out with her fool proof cake and I am so glad to know the recipe. I am falling short of simple cakes one!

So here’s presenting jayasree tried and tested chocolate cake!

Ramya comes out with a beautiful looking Black forest cake which is vegetarian, it works out so well for me!

Thanks for that tip Ramya on using a blender, it sure helps!
Rachel comes out with a banana cake, which sure made her hubby dear retreat in shock, knowing she is about to bake in a mw.

I am so glad that cake turned out so yummy that he didn’t complain!

This is something I had been doing so very often back then. so I was happy that Uma dug this off and made it.

And what a cute thing to replace pineapple with apple!

EC finally managed to send in one, though she couldn’t make a new one for this event!..I would’ve loved to have!..

Guess its nevertheless great to see a eggless cake!


Imagine this cute lady has been after me since the beginning of this series for me to have cakes. And I thought she will not be able to send in any because of her busy schedule!

So happy that she was able to send in two entries!

How can a MEC be complete without Asha’s entry...I was hoping she would post one and was checking every now and then. Finally she confirmed that she did have one for me…

Yes as usual she came out with a bang! Check out her Orange Streusel cake

Finally coming to my entries, when I enrolled to Taste and Create event, I was paired with Laurie. And the only simple recipe that I thought I could make was this

Deep pan Brownies. They got done so fast that I was so shocked.

And this made me crave for an eggless one and I sought for a Banana chocolate cake!


I sure had lot of fun going through each entry, please do click on and let them know your appreciation!. I hope I haven’t missed out any entry, my apologies, if so.
Looking forward for another round of exciting cooking in Microwave, lets get the steam on!

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  1. I was waiting for this roundup. You were always on time with the roundup. We can excuse that for the bloggers meet.

    Lovely roundup. So many MW cakes to choose from.

  2. What a great round-up and idea to make cakes in microwave! I found aready few recipes here to be bookmarked and tried soon 🙂 Thank you, Margot

  3. Hey Sri..was actually wondering what kept you from posting the round-up,I should have guessed;-)Great round-up,I am gonna bookmark this.When we bought MW and I searched the net to get recipes for MW cakes,I was very disappointed.I had very less options.Now I know where to look!!!Looking fwd to participate in MEC-Steamed dishes.

  4. OMG! I did’nt know about the event! 🙁 Nice roundup as usual dear! For your next theme I have Kozhukatai and Paruppu urundai kuzhambu. I will prepare one more interesting dish and send it by this week end ( hopefully) 😀

  5. thanx sri, for such a nice roundup, i was looking to cook some eggless cake in microwave(after having many disasters),’ll definately try some of these now..
    And hey, u weren’t rude,its just i am new n my recipe had both the options..:)

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