Microwave Easy Cooking with Greens – Round up and next Theme!

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When I thought of Greens as the next theme, I was really apprehensive if I will get any entries. Well, my friends, I proved myself wrong. I got 12 beautiful creations out of Microwave. I love the colour Green and not mostly greens as in a vegetable. Yes, given a choice I will skip. Yeah, I can see many heads shaking to say what an unhealthy liking. Well, I can’t really help it right. As I child I always skipped greens. But Amma managed to stuff some by hook or crook. Now at this age with an impressible kid around, I can’t help but eat greens. Not that she listens but I don’t want to give room for her to question me back. But actually, when I start eating it, I like it. It’s a case of out of sight, out of mind thing. But I am happy to know that I have people who are green loves around me.

Lets me announce the theme for this month. In March, let’s do Rice! I would prefer it if you make something with it. It’s ok if you want to make it plain, but let’s add colour to life, ok!. So think of some mixed rice or Pulao or to be fancy try biryani. Send in as many ever you want by 31st March 2008, with Subject line MEC: Rice! Check out here for more details.

Let’s now move on to check out the entries that came this month.

EC sends in two interesting entries on Greens. First is Methi Mattar Malai, who adapted Tarla Dalal’s and is without onions and garlic. So those of you who are keen on no onions and no garlic, be sure to check this out!

Next, she brings out an exciting dish named Keerai Hotel Style. Now with a name like a hotel style, it is sure to impress many.

Asha brings us this tempting dish made with Channa and Palak. That picture sure is an eye catcher.

This dal, she says makes a great dipping or scooping sauce if you keep the gravy thicker for the Parathas.

Aparna, the daring baker comes to us with a truly Palakkad Iyer dish called Keerai Molagootal. The picture was such a catcher, that I had to go to her blog to enjoy the bigger one again.

Molagootal is something that can be made with mixed vegetables with Greens. I would say that’s an excellent way of combining everything!
When you enjoy Indian food, you got to enjoy what Meera brought to the event. Her Palak Muthiya is yummy to look at, I am sure she must’ve enjoyed and yes very mean to enjoy without us.

She says her microwave cooker was screaming for her attention and finally embraced it by making this lovely palak muthia. Had I known this, I would’ve made many such things scream in front of her!

You can make Pakodi in MW? well Vanamala has the answer for you and she makes a gravy dish too.

Enjoy the rich-looking kadi with pakodis!

From Kailas comes Jayasree with chundal..well that too with amaranth leaves too.

And believe me, it was wonderful to know she used her homegrown leaves to make this side dish. It looks so fresh and lovely.

Lavanya says she loves Greens. So ensures she cooks at least twice or thrice a week. So for the event, she had lunch with the greens!

And she also cooks a side dish with a rare variety called “Thoothu Valai Keerai”, well I am not so good at Tanglish, so if I got to know what’s it actually means, let me call her up!

Viji joins us with a restaurant pleaser. Of course, whatever she does always looks very pleasing and great. But you got to take a look at this one. Its Methi channa paneer

Since her blog is private, she has kindly shared the recipe for this event.

Methi Chana Paneer


Paneer cubes 10-15
Slit green chili 2
Fry the paneer cubes in 2 tsp (oil+butter) along with chilis and keep it aside.

Boiled channa 1 cup

Base gravy
Onion 2, mint leaves a handful.
Oil 1 tsp
Fry this into golden brown and grind it into paste.

Green paste
Wash and chop 1 bunch fresh methi leaves and Β½ bunch coriander leaves. Cook the methi leaves in MW high for 1 minute. Grind it along with coriander leaves using less water.

Turmeric powder ΒΌ tsp
Homemade Garam Masal Powder and Kasturi methi 1 tsp each (My homemade Garam Masala Powder is very spicy. If store-bought one you are using you might add 1 tsp of coriander, cumin, and red chili powder along with this).

Yogurt 1 small cup

Cream or cashew paste 1 tbsp (to get a rich taste).

In a pan take 1 tsp butter + 1 tsp oil and add the basic gravy and saute for few minutes.

Add the green paste and spices together and saute till the raw smell goes.

Now add the yogurt and paneer cubes and boil it till it blends. Finally, add 1 tbsp cream or cashew paste and garnish it with slit green chili.

Serve it with warm pulkas.

Thank you Viji, for yet another lovely dish from your cuisine!

Now all along I was thinking I am going to feature only classic south Indian or restaurant ones, but when I saw what Dhivya’s got, I was surely in.

I have never cooked Sarson Ka Saag till now and she surely tempts me with such easy directions. Thanks, Dhivya.

Next comes our Suma, who was away holidaying. She was back in time to join us with her tempting Palakoora Pulusukoora

Pulusukoora is usually prepared with gongura or thotakoora (amaranth leaves). But she says she experimented with spinach and this worked equally good. Not just that it took her down the memory lane.

Uma joins us for the first time with an attracting Radish leaves dal.

While you are at her blog, be sure to check out her Vermicelli Kesari. I was very happy seeing this, as this is what my mom makes just for me!

Jayashree brings us Keera masial and what a colour! She shares her early memories of her grandma growing these around their coconut trees. She feels those were the best. Yes, homegrown is always so tasty!.

Thanks for the lovely entry and kindly accept my apologies for missing out on such a vibrant dish!


Thank you everybody for your lovely dishes. I surely enjoyed getting these in one place. Expecting exciting dishes to be turned in for the next theme. See you all then!


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  1. Lovely roundup, Srivalli! Thanks for the nice presentation! I shall contribute to the next theme (rice) too. I love participating in such events. Thanks.

  2. Hi Sri, wonderful dishes for this greens round up, healthy too. I like the next theme too, rice would be easy. I make plain rice in MW, will think of something!:)
    (Microwave cakes and puddings would be a nice theme too)

  3. Wow!!!What a nice round up!..

    I am going green as well seeing the entries..Microcooking greens means preserving their nutrients well enough,right!..

  4. Lovely RoundUp Srii, as always.. and *Rice* is a nice theme… I missed ur Greens.. will not miss this one..being a rico-o-holic!..:D


  5. Thats a wonderful round up Sri – as always! The next theme does sound interesting! Lemme see what I can make for Rice! U got me thinking already πŸ™‚

  6. Lavanya, Thanks and glad you participated

    Asha, Thank you…and good of you to suggest a new theme…looking forward to your entry!

    easycrafts, thank you..glad you participated

    Bharathy, thank you…you got it correct!

    Uma, thanks…will be a pleasure

    Jayashree, thank you…and sorry I missed..I updated it

    Ramya, thank you

    Mansi, thank you

    Siri, glad you liked it..yeah expecting from you..bad you missed greens

    Viji, sure..will be glad to get your dish

    musical, glad you liked this

    sowmya, thanks for dropping by..sure you are most welcome

    satya, glad you liked it

    Sig, thank you…thats great to know…looking forward to your entry!

    jayasree, thanks for the kind words..thank you

    Vanamala, thank you…

    DK, thanks..expecting from you for sure!

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