Microwave Easy Cooking with Snacks – Round up and next Theme!

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I see that its time again for another round up! The entries that came in are so innovative and wonderful!. Before I go on with the round up, lets talk what we can do this November in Microwave! Lets do any curries or Poriyal as we call in Tamil or Thoran of veggies that go as accompaniment for main course. It can be anything that is not a gravy but can be semi liquid or semi dry. Which ever you please, check here for details. Send in with Subject line MEC: Side Dish by end of November!

Now lets move on to see what snacks have come.


Rajeswari from RAK’s Kitchen sends us this yummy looking snack Hot ‘n’ Spicy corn chat. For a blogger who started just few months back, she has many wonderful dishes like Suzhiyan, which is my favorite. check her out and enjoy!

Hot ‘n’ Spicy corn chat is ready for you in app 8 mins!

Next comes from Asha, a wonderful and am sure, favorite of many. I couldn’t believe she was able to do this in Microwave, so wonderful. Masala Peanuts is my all time favorite but have always had only the deep fried ones.

Asha was not just inspiration to me, but to B&J, who seem to by munching only Cashew, Almonds etc. I happened to read B’s comment in so many different places! Thanks Asha for such a wonderful snack and your trial and err to be succeeded recipe is a treasure to us.


Check out Dhivya’s maiden’s attempt in making cinnamon crisps in Microwave. She says her hubby runs around with ‘Home Food is the Best and Healthiest’ tag, so food got from outside is complete no no! How wonderful!

we will get to know all the healthy and tasty food that she dishes out for her folks. But a snack getting ready in flat 3 mins is just too quick!. If you don’t believe me, check it yourself…

Next comes Sangeeta with a bowl of Sweet! Well we don’t mind sweet too. So lets check her quick Custard that she makes with Fruits!


Keerthi brings us Chat made from Puffed Rice. She says this gets done in a jiffy that she makes these and enjoys them often after her return from work! I guess this will be very useful for me!

I never know what to eat when I return from home. And with the loads of puffed rice always lying around home, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Well this snack comes from Hima, the Snacks Queen. She has an event themed on Snacks and I can’t be disappointed with what she offers right!. She says her husband is a die hard fan of Dhokla, so is me!

I have always gulped down loads of these during college days. So imagine my joy when I saw she has made it in microwave!

Viji, as everybody knows is a versatile cook. The dishes she spins out are amazing. Her recent RCI Tamil Festival dishes were simply out of the world, so was her round ups. Be sure to check them out, if you haven’t already.

She made Cornflakes Mixer, which looks so tempting. This is definitely on my to do list as most of her dishes!

Anything of Paneer is my favorite, I was only surprised to see that my daughter is a die hard fan of Paneer Tikka..so when Easyindianfood sent in her paneer Tikka microwaved.

I knew I don’t have to keep taking my daughter out for this!


The pleasure one gets on getting a nice mail from a person you haven’t met is something so sweet. This is what I felt when Bindiya sent in her entry. The first time I visited her blog I was surprised at the array of beauty her colour combinations gets across. I like her fork esp.!…

She sends in a snack out of papad..so innovative! Check out for yourself!

Suma sends us a simple, protein rich snack that is great for munching – Moong Dal. I don’t agree less on that. I always remember getting this from Haldirams and imagine, suma makes this quick in mw.

Thank you Suma for your innovative ideas

Siri sends us discs..is it for playing..nay open your mouth and in they go directly…because they are spicy brinjal discs..

She says that they were so yummy that she ate all of them right from the MW bowl itself. If that was the case, I will fear to do this..:)..I have a
bunch at home to feed and I keep eating them all???…hehe..:)

Who wouldn’t like potato fries. That too which looks so crispy and yummy and tempting. This is what I felt when Kalva sent in her picture. It was just too yummy to look! Check out Kalva’s Spicy And Crispy Aloo Fry.

Btw her blog name is so cute..Curry in Kadai ..I thought Curry in a hurry!..

Craving for Pizza ????…Check out Sona’s Pizzas-de-assorted!!!. The Kitchen scientist is ever busy discovering and inventing new stuffs for us to enjoy.

This time, she has excelled by coming out with unique toppings for pizzas. Have you heard about boiled Egg on a pizza or a Fruit Pizza !!!..hahah…she is even gonna patent these…way to go Sona!


Now comes treats from the lovable Lathamma. I was sad that I couldn’t feature her dishes this month, as most of her cooking is done in mw. But she was sweet enough to send in, not just one, but two when I asked her about her entries!

Check out her Sabudhana khichidi, which looks like pearls in a melody and Oil free groundnut!

Coming to what I did for this month. I felt bad that I couldn’t try any of the dishes I had planned to do for this event. I was quite held up with work and kids. But had been planning for something real difficult but was able to manage only pop corns. Though they came out good, to be frank I like my stove top pop corns.

I added a spoon of oil along with corns in a mw vessel. Micro for 10 mins. They popped out well. But on stove top I get it done in much less time. This may be because I took it right off the freezer!

But I look forward to others who may have tried out popcorn in mw.

Please let me know if I have missed out any entry.

Thank you everybody for your wonderful contribution. Looking forward to next month’s entries.
Enjoy and do try out these snacks and let me know if they were helpful!

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  1. Great roundup dear!:) Lovely dishes! all of them are worth trying! After posting two more items for Diwali I am going to start cooking from other blogs for a month!:)) Your dosas top the list!:)

  2. Very well presented round-up Valli…you’ve put so much effort to add your comments to the entries…Thanks a lot for hosting…count me in for the next MEC event too..

  3. hey srivalli , nice round up , cud not participate in this event as was busy with Ramadan n Eid etc …hopefully next event …many new recipes to try in microwave 🙂

  4. This is such a treasure of great MW snacks, Srivalli! Thanks a ton for bringing this together! All these recipes would be such a huge time saver! OMG, thats a total winner of a round-up there!

  5. Siri,…u missed me out.!!(sob sob!!)..i had sent in a pizza-platter, assorted, the email dated 24th oct..u even replied..these were ur fav!!..cud u plz check, Siri?..will forward the email oncwe again to u

  6. Srivalli ,
    This is going to be very useful for many of us..Very nice round up.I too liked your description of the bloggers….Its something special and makes all happy…:))

  7. This is something unique valli. Such a novel idea and excellent round up every time. Taking a break for 3 weeks. Will try to post when i come back for the side dishes. Take care. Viji

  8. easycrafts, Yes this has come out well with so many new dishes. Thanks for your contribution.

    Lathamma, thank you!..so sweet of you to send two for the event. Will be looking forward to you trying them out..

    bindiya, thank you!…credit goes to you for pinching in.

    bee, thanks …you can send in..I never said its savory or sweet!

    Siri, thank you..yeah all of them have done a great job!

    Dhivya, well I need to thank you too…I learnt new ones here

    rahin, thats fine..expecting your participation this time..

    Apple..thank you..sure looking forward to your entry

    musical, thanks for the nice words…sure is one.

    Viji, Have a nice trip. Expecting your entry once you come back.

    Sona, I am really so sorry, that mail was labeled as basic as you had sent in the same mail. I have updated the round up with your dish. Its such a wonderful one and yes my fav pizza. Felt awful missing it.

    Rajeswari, thank you. Appreciate your participation. Yes each dish is so special, that I feel a need to talk about each one of them!

  9. thanks for adding mines too..Siri..and great round up…some nice collection we have here!

  10. Hima, thank you and looking forward to your entry!

    Asha, you are welcome!.looking forward to your entry!

    Cynthia, thank you for your interest…hope that will come out well too

    Sirisha, thank you!

    Raaga, thank you..expecting you can!

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