Microwave Easy Cooking with Soups and Stews – Round up and next Theme!

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This edition marks one year completion of Microwave Easy Cooking Event. Exactly a year back, I was toying with the idea of having an event and I thought of themes as Lunch Box recipes or Express Meals. When I asked for suggestions, Satya, a dear friend, suggested something on Microwave. I was shocked, imagine I asked for something simple but I was presented with some complicated stuff, as everybody voted for an event on Microwave Cooking!

I have been having a microwave for over a decade. But all I had ever used was, for reheating. So this was a big challenge for me. And it wouldn’t have got this far, if not for some loyal bloggers, who take up this challenge with joy, more than me. Every time I think of my own entry, I start sweating. Only to realize I never needed too, for all the dishes I have ever prepared in Microwave for my events, were so simple and saved time.So I take this opportunity to thank my regular participants, who never miss out a chance to send me an entry and make my day.

Also, I was glad that I could come up with a new logo for this event, finally!. So please use the new logo going forward.

Before we see the entries and the next theme, here is a recap of all the themes.

August 2007 – Microwave Sweets
September 2007 – Microwave Basics

October 2007 – Microwave Snacks
November 2007 – Microwave Side Dish
December 2007 – Microwave Gravies
January 2008 – Microwave Tiffins

February 2008 – Microwave Greens
March 2008 – Microwave Rice
April 2008 – Microwave Cakes
May 2008 – Microwave Steamed Dishes
June 2008 – Microwave Preserves

Coming to this month’s theme, to mark this special edition, lets have a party! A Potluck party. You are welcome to bring in whatever you like and we can all have one big virtual party. So all of August, plan whatever you want to cook in Microwave! You may use food processor to blend or do other things, but cooking has to be done in Microwave! Send in as many ever you want, by 31st August, 2008, with Subject line MEC: Potluck Party! Check out the Microwave Cooking Event Announcement for more details.

Lets proceed with the entries.

First few valuable tips on cooking in a microwave from Satya. I seriously think that lady should start a blog of her own, I know I have so much to learn from her.

Her advise is as followes,

Food cooked in the square dishes dries out at the edges and so round dishes are more appropriate for cooking in MW.

While reheating, if a small bowl or glass filled with water is placed alongside, the moisture in the food can be retained.

Normal idli batter didn’t give me satisfying results in MW.A few spoons of water and half a tsp of oil added to it made the idlies softer.Or adding a little eno fruit salt gave excellent and foolproof results.
Once upon a place, there lives a ever sweet Cham, who makes every great effort to please one and all. In the effect emerges a new recipe called Rice Noodle Soup.

Now I have given you the beautiful picture, you go check out her excellent recipe for the soup

Suma loves soups and that made her always get the ready made pack to get her quick dose of soup love. But once she made a Spinach Soup, there was no looking back!

And not just that, she even was feeding her baby this healthy soup!

When she was young, she always only asked for Sweet corn soup.

Now don’t ask me how young, cos I had the same doubts, as she doesn’t look older than a college student now..:)

I asked for one, I got two extra. All these comes from the Queen, Yeah Illathrasi.

When I first came across her blog, I was really so interested to read through the many different things she has covered. Best of all I liked her name!

Sireesha makes Sweet Corn Soup and also gives us a detail account of what’s gone in and their nutrients. Well with so much value added ingredients, it makes it more attractive to reach out for a bowl of Sweet Corn Soup!

And not just that, Sireesha also sends in her version of a lovely Tomato Soup. Though I never want to try a tomato soup, her bowl sure tempts me enough!

Though Palak is always gets beautified as a gravy at Jayasree’s kitchen, this time it takes form of a soup.

And no doubts, this was also welcomed with both arms! Why not, it looks so deliciously green!
From a beautiful blog called DEGCHI, comes a soup, yes another sweet corn Veg soup.

Manisha reminisces of the time, when she used to prepare this and was most appreciated by her friends. I am sure it must’ve been great by the looks of her beautiful bowl!


Take a few minutes to wonder at the beauty of this tempting soup. The Foody Guru vouches for its amazing taste.
Well I will for sure try this out next time! Why don’t you hop into her place to check out why its yummy?

Lathamma makes one of her first recipe that she learnt. And that from a pro. Cooking in Microwave is like eating sugar for Lathamma, as she does everything in microwave.

I only wish she isn’t so busy all the time.
Finally from me, another Kerala stew! This is my favorite dish for Appam.

And I am only too happy that I can make this in less then 10 mins.

I am sure I haven’t missed out any entry, but do let me know if its so. Thank you everybody for your wonderful entries and expecting a gala potluck party this month!

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  1. I have learnt that I should participate as early as possible instead of delaying till the end..Missed the event Valli…Grt round up

  2. It was always been an excitement to participate ur MW theme 🙂 I learnt a lot 🙂 Nice soup entries… Definetly, we will celebrate to mark the first anniver with something special !

  3. what a delicious roundup, srivalli! I like your enthusiasm. I am sad that I missed this event due to vacation. Your new header is so good, reflecting your blog name perfectly.

  4. thats a good round up.. dont know how many of ur events i have missed.. will start posting again.. the last entry i think i posted for ur roti mela b4 i took a break..:D

  5. That was so sweet of you Valli..I liked the way you have described each participant..And I was amazed to see the roundup of all MW events..I did not know so many things could be made in the microwave..

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