The Mithai Mela Round up ~ Part 1!

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Is there anything sweeter than sweet? Yes, the happiness of getting such wonderful friends is sweeter!

Two years ago, I never would have imagined this kind of a round up, let alone feeling so happy at the response the Melas gets. For that I am really thankful and more motivated by the support shown.

There is no other wonderful way to celebrate a milestone than celebrating with friends. And this round up is just that! I wanted to make this round up little different. Searching for a new way to present the round up, I ended up not having enough time to spend writing about each entry, as I normal do. That took me forever to come up with the idea. Grey cells refused to work and no sooner I saw days flying away to be right at the end of the event!

Finally after nearly 2 months, I was able to find the perfect solution. For that I would like to thank my colleagues who helped me in this venture. J is a web designer who showed me how to work with the software and get the result I was imagining in mind. And also thank another J, who got me the required software. Though this process was again a round about way of doing what I had in mind, I was happy with the results. I hope you are too!

Whats new with this round up? Clicking on any of the picture in the collage will take you to the participant’s URL!

That’s the reason for the delay though I hope I have done justice to the enthusiasm and interest shown by the bloggers! About 321 entries came, I am still counting. So I have made this into three parts.

Update! I apparently missed out Bird’s eye view’s multiple entries…she has sent in 7 in all, so the total becomes 328!

This time I made sure I categorized all the entries to its specific categories. That leaves me mentioning the multiple entries sent by each of them.

Anu, Archana G , Aruna, Hemamalini, Lena Rashmin Raj, Nivedita Thadani, Padma Balla, Pooja S, Prathibha, Priya, Renuka Gauthaman, Sailaja, Saraswathi Iyer, Sree Vidya, The Cooker, Vidya Venky sent couple of entries

Chaitra and Jayasree Satish sent 3 lovely entries, while we got 4 entries from Bird’s eye view, Kavitha, Padma Srinivasagam and Srilakshmi.

I was really thrilled to bits when this lovely friend of mine, sent a mail asking if she can send all her entries together! wow would I mind! Imagine she posted so many sweet dishes as in 6 different sweets in a month! Simran I hope you haven’t gained few inches around..:)

The came 7 entries from Ramya Vijaykumar and Kavya Naimish.

Now shall we move to talk about even more bigger numbers? Well when they talk about a2z of a vegetarian cuisine, Sadhana & Muskaan managed to send 11, while Malini Basu was happy with her 12.

If Malar Gandhi was up with her 14, is Sanghi far with her 15? I don’t think so.

The fight continued and I feel these two wonderful bloggers outdone themselves! Whether Priya Suresh is set on creating a Guinness world record of posting the maximum recipes, I am not sure but for sure created a sort of records by sending in 21 new entries. I really don’t know how she manages to come up with so many different dishes!

Getting to know Sapthanaa Balachander was a real pleasure. When I got on a chat with her, she was upset at sending only 35! She had planned on more than 45 but her poor camera gave up on her and she was treated her folks to many more sweet dishes which unfortunately didn’t get captured forever!

I am sure I can go on and go with my banter. But lets go ahead with the entries. I am going to make 3 posts, all categorized to the best of my knowledge in the hope that when somebody gets a craving to make a burfi, they can easily land on spot!

I am sorry about the huge gap below each collage, I am not able to figure out the error right now. I think burning the midnight lamp is not good on the gray cells! Please scroll down well to check out each of the collages!

Lets get to be overdosed with sweets!

When I announced Mithai, I didn’t want to restrict to just few by saying no to cakes. Imagine missing these lovely creations!

Vegan baked goodies comes from Sadhana & Muskaan!

Anudivya is known for her vegan baking too and this creation makes it no less! No wonder she has a huge followers!

Archy was thrilled at how quickly one can make and eat a Vanilla Cake of course from a Microwave!

Asha makes a tradition State Fair Funnel Cake, which am sure marks any event!

Is it called Pound cake because its measured in pounds? I am not sure lets ask Lavanya about it.

One of the two breads that made their way to the mela is Padma Srinivasagam’s Egyptian Palace Bread. Did the royal Egyptians make this and enjoyed?

Pooja S send one brownie that is cashew filled coated with honey and a much simpler Vanilla Butter Cake

When you are running short of ideas for cupcakes, be sure to check out Priya Suresh. For sure she has one too many to offer! From simple vanilla cupcake to complex Eggless creations, she has all of it!

Then comes an Almond Cake from Ramya Vijaykumar.

Baking Collage

Let me take a breath before going further. Baking is Sapthanaa favorite I guess. That proves with the different cakes she has created! You can click on any of her pictures to land on the cake!

Next from Simran comes four different delicious treats. Be it a Cheesecake or Tarts that you are looking for, she has them all. And if you are playful or lacking any moulds to your cookies simply use your thumb and cut out lovely cookies!

Finally another cookie from Yasmeen, this time its called Mamoul cookies!


Then we move on to drool over some awesome sweets called as the Burfis or Barfis. Well most times I think atleast I end up calling a dish Barfi when it failed to hold itself as halwas!!!..:)

Anyway I don’t think these lovely ladies agree to my point, after all each of them look so lovely to be made to be created as a Burfi!

First on the list comes from Sadhana and Muskasan, a healthy barfi made with Wheat. Well I took a while to read the name, but then I knew it must have tasted awesome.

Then comes Andhra Kitchen’s Sooji Sweet. This is made with Sooji of course the name says so right!

If you are intent on making a cake, though a desi one, then Anu’s Kadalai maavu cake is for you!

This lady sure makes her picture most delicious, and this Besan-Coconut Burfi is no less!

For a moment there, I wasn’t sure if I should admire those flowers or the tempting Mysore pak! Kidding obviously the mysore pak, for its no mean work!

Carrot anyway is good, and Nivedita packs it all in a barfi.

Burfi Collage

I always end up being confused on how to term a fudge, well now you know that I have done it under barfi Ramya Vijaykumars lovely Almond Fudge does shy away being called one!

Dieting is good and being away is even better. But I am surprised Renuka thought how Cashew barfi was any less rich by not making it with ghee! They look so sinful right!

With one not being enough we have another dose of Cashew barfi from Sanghi, now you have double the choice.

I know two is more interesting, that’s why when I saw Sowjanya sending in Mysore Pak, I was so happy. Look at the honey comb look!

For Sra being disappointed by a Dil Ke Tukde, she ends up singing a different song by making these delicious burfis. From a person who doesn’t store sugar, this was simply too good!

And finally this tasty Coconut Barfi is a recreation of what my mom does!


Then we move to something that surely makes everybody go gaga over. I am talking about the chocolates! This is said to be one food that can lighten even the most worse mood swings! Lets see how each one does…

This nutty chocolate cookies from Divya is sure to be made on list!

This beautiful Molleux au chocolatis from Happy Cook, am sure her daughter was very happy enjoying this chocolate treat!

Ivy makes lovely cakes, and this Chocolate and Ginger Cakesure stands proof for it!

Malini Basu sends in two delicious treats, one pudding which is steamed and another lovely fudge cake.

I am sure these Brownies sent by Prathibha were those melt in your mouth types.

These lovely stuffed Homemade Chocolates comes from Priya where she gives a feast of many sorts!

Chocolate Collage
Now I would again need to take a deep breath before rushing into the varieties of cakes that Sapthanaa made with chocolates too!

I was so delighted getting an entry from Sreelu. She said she was happy in finally sending something, and I am only glad that these Easy Breezy Chocolate dunked strawberries could make it!

Another Choco Cashew Cookies in treat are from Srilakshmi.

While I may have to ask you not to be surprised at the inviting Truffles from Sudha.


Frozen treats are always so delightful! and these bunch of bloggers have ensured they keep you on your toes..

When Mangoes are in season, its sure a great way to indulge and Sadhana & Muskaan says they freeze them!

Another mango treat comes from Jyoti in form of a Kulfi

Malini Basu makes sure you ask for more with her lovely Caramel Pudding

I don’t think I have tasted Raspberry but this combined with mango as an icecream sure makes me want to grab at Maya’s entry!

Priya sends in a feast with her Kulfi

Frozen Collage

When so many Kulfis made their way, I wasn’t surprised by Priya Suresh’s inviting one!Until Ramya send in her entry, I never realized you make a kulfi will be great with mangoes too, you see I always eat them as such!

And Kulfis come in different shapes too! Samahita send it in a pot!Then we have Sapthanaa sending in some lovely ice creams. Let me count, there are about 6 of them, all so many different flavours!

Finally from Usha, this lovely Strawberry Pistachio Pudding. The picture is enough to tempt anyone!


Finally we come to the sweet drinks. This being such a hot season in Madras, I am sure I am going to try all these listed here!From the a2z vegetarian cuisine comes a Super duper Healthy Falooda,

This Rose milk with Vermicelli from Chaitra is so very pretty as the rose!

EC becomes very innovative with her Kulfi Falooda

And another Falooda comes from Kavya Naimish. All these faloodas sure makes me crave for one!

When I saw these cute Carrot Phirni picture from Madhumathi, I was drooling over it, am sure you will too!

PJ always does it different and so is her entry which is Japanese green tea sorbet!

Then we have some delightful entries from Priya Suresh all ranging from Lassis to Lemonade to Milkshakes! Wow the energy this lady shows is awesome, hats off to her culinary expertise! You can check out her pictures by clicking on the pictures!

And finally some from me, few Milkshakes and icy drinks!


Will be back next week with the rest of the entries. Hopefully I will be able to complete them on time..:)

Since this is the first time I am doing this way, there might be some errors, please let me know if you find them. And you still got to check out 200+ entries, so hang in there!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow, congratulations Srivalli, I've never seen so many entries before. You did a great job with the round up and good luck with your new blog.

  2. OMG! I think I gained a few pounds just looking at this wonderful spread!

    Now I need to go for a run!

    We should just book mark this as THE place to go to find mithai recipes!

    And you did a great job with this round-up!

  3. Lovely roundup! Oh my with so many entries I can very well imagine the efforts you had/have to put in for organizing! Awesome array of sweets! Am sure to gain a few pounds in the coming months indulging in all these!

  4. 321 entries…wow the sweets at your place( virtually) will gonna last till Diwali i guess…lol
    This is a record breaking event valli…hats off to your patience and enthusiasm
    All the very best for the round-up part 2,3,4…..
    Loved this way of linking pics to the respective web pages… looks cool !

  5. What a sweet roundup this is…Kudos to your efforts to present such a lovely roundup..I too had thought of linking to the images. Great work. You have not stopped with that. instead have wrote few lines abt each post. waiting for the rest …

  6. I love the way you have done the round up. You must have spend so much time doing that.
    Really beautifully done and i am sure bookmarking this page for later refrence.

  7. Wow! A lovely round up and surely a lot of new things to try. would love to participate in ur next event but still do not know how to do it as I have just started blogging. Would love to hear ur comments and ur quick tips on blogging. Thanks.

  8. Looks like you hit the jackpot with this mela! Congratulations, and thanks for a lovely round-up, as always. I have mangoes, no ideas, will keep thinking!

  9. Sri, Latha and I did talk about you sweetie.Since I didn't have any plans to come to Chennai, I did not tell you and also I had limited time to see my family and childhood friends in B'lore. But I do think that I should atleast have called you on the phone, I totally forgot! Sorry about that. Next time, I will surely talk to you even if I can't visit you, promise.

    Hugs to you, have fun. See you in Fall. Love to kids.Lovely round up, so many sweets but I am on diet now! ;D

    Hope it has cooled down a bit there now with the onset of Monsoon. I went there in the wrong time ie Summer and Mosquitos ate me alive! ;D

    Next time, I will plan to be there in Winter and I will surely talk to you.

  10. woohoo!!! im on a sugar high now!!! soo many sweets!!! this is the first time im seeing soo many entries..and loved the idea of clicking on the pics to take me to the sure it will take me a couple of weeks to finally go thru all of them 🙂

  11. My bad! I missed participated in this event though I had prepared Kuzhi paniyaram twice for this event only but to miss becoz of not able to set my camera 🙁

    K, let me wait another one in the line..

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