Golpapdi Recipe | How to make Gujarati Gol Papdi

Gujarati Gol Papdi

For the third day of Indian Sweets, I made Golpapdi, the famous Gujarati Sweets. I have this bookmarked for a long time and have been wanting to make it ever since I had made the Gujarati Thali. Even though the recipe was so simple and quick to make, I somehow couldn’t make it. I finally […]

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Chocolate Palkova

This post comes a day delayed. I was hoping I will get this done when the idea struck, however I got delayed. When I had taken my Chocolate Halwa to my colleagues, some of them were very curious on the next dish to be prepared. I shared couple of ideas and they were discussing about […]

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Chocolate Burfi ~ Easy Diwali Sweet

Chocolate dishes are the easiest ones to make, especially like the Chocolate Burfi I made for Deepavali. After debating much on what sweets to make, apart from the traditional ones, I thought these chocolate sweets are the easiest and not to mention the most quickest to disappear. Imagine I made this the night before yesterday, […]

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Chocolate Nankhatai with Chocolate Chips ~ Diwali Sweets

For this Deepavali, make these delicious Chocolate Nankhatais instead of the regular Deepavali Sweets. Trust me, you will simply love it! I have been wanting to start my diwali preparation for a week now. I have been simply deliberating on what to make. I knew I had to make some chocolate dishes as well. And […]

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Kesar di Kheer or Saffron Rice Pudding ~ Indian Sweet!

Kesar di Kheer

Today’s recipe is a sweet treat that I made many days ago. Kesar di Kheer or Saffron Rice Pudding. Kheer is a traditional sweet dish, made by boiling rice or broken wheat with milk and sugar. It is flavoured with cardamoms, raisins, saffron, pistachios or almonds. It is typically served during a meal or also […]

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Jangiri | Jhangiri ~ Indian Deepavali Sweet

Jangiri or Jhangiri is traditional Indian Sweets prepared all over India during the festival season. It is one of the popular sweets prepared during Deepavali or Diwali across the Indian States. In the north, this sweet is called as Imarti, while in South India, it is called as Jhangiri or Jangiri. I am not very […]

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