Over 100 Eggless Cake Recipes

100 Eggless Cakes

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A collection of over 100 Eggless Cake Recipes including brownies, cupcakes, muffins, loaf cakes, Cakes with Vegetables and Christmas Cakes.

How to replace Eggs in Baking with different Egg Substitutes in Baking, read to know more details.

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Sponge cake is a light cake made with eggs, flour, and sugar. Sponge cake is leavened with beaten eggs, and creaming is also done, which makes the texture soft and spongy. Sometimes baking powder is also used. Typically any recipe that doesn’t use baking powder or soda and only whipped eggs is a sponge cake. Originally butter was not a part of sponge cake as eggs are enough.

Pound cake is baked with a pound of each flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. Creaming is also done in this type, however, this is denser than sponge cake. This can be served with sugar dusting or a coating of icing.

Teacake is a term used to refer to mildly sweet cookies originally served during tea time. However, this term is no longer valid and people use it to refer to pound cakes without any icing and served during evening snacks.

When you are baking eggless, none of the above makes sense. However, you can still get the same texture of a sponge cake or a Pound cake, using the same method of creaming and adding leavening agents.

This collection of 100 Eggless Cakes has cakes made using all methods that are followed for a sponge cake, pound cake and teacake, apart from other types.

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100 Eggless Cake Recipes