Recap ~ Best of 2015

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The year that passed by was surely one of the quickest. Yet as I sat down to read through the months, I realized so many things have happened! Blogging Marathon celebrated its 50th Anniversary Meets. We organized the meet in Madras and what a fun time we had!
I always knew that I was cut out for certain roles. Things like organizing, planning and getting things done have always fascinated me. So getting the meet organized here was so much fun. I can’t thank enough for my Chennai Bloggers for all the work they did.
Health issues prevented me from being as prompt as I was expected. While the first time I was prepared, the second time when it was around Bake-a-thon, I was literally baking on the day and missed couple of posts as well. However it was such a wonderful time, as I managed to bake so many Brownies, each one more delicious than the other.
I have always been a Blackberry user and won’t want to change ever. However my BB died on me and I had to move on. Which brought in new areas that I entered. Instagram is the latest addict. While my P&S is always seen on my oven top, my phone now gives company. I try to capture my daily cooking shots and enjoy those readings on the drive.

I tried listing out my favorite dishes prepared during each month.

So this Round up of all the recaps from the Food bloggers!The first entry that reached was from Srividhya. She moved her blog to self hosting and talks about her experience in moving to a new space. I am sure this opens up lot of new challenges and we can expect lot more happening at her space!

We have Vaishali talking about her journey through the year. She is one of those few who are always ready and scheduled for any event that I plan. And it never ceases to amaze me with the level of planning she executes each of her tasks. Even with so many things happens, she is on dot. I have so much to learn from her!

Next comes the lady, who requires no introduction! If blogsphere is bursting out with recipes, then you have Priya Suresh to credit it for! She has posted 280 posts across her blogs in 2015. Not to mention all the media mentions she got and her recipes published in the magazine. She surely had one awesome year and wish her the very best for this new year too!

Sowmya joined BM during 2015 and for a first timer, she surely had some wonderful dishes coming up. Read about her experience on her firsts that happened in the year and her list of things to do!

Next I have Rajani, sharing with pictures what it was in 2015 and what’s to expect in 2016 from her side. I can never get enough of her writing, be it wit or prose and of course her pictures makes it all the more droolworthy!

Greatness is often seen, many times simply felt. I have this feeling whenever I meet Gayathri  This is one lady who is so down to earth for all her achievements and talents. So humble and so childlike and just like a mad scientist working on the ways of chemistry in kitchen. Her recap is stunning!

Then I have yet another wonderful recap from Pavani. You all must already know how much I love her pictures and imagine she posted about 300!! wow…way to go Pavani and I so looking forward to your posts this year!

Sapana shares her recap and talks about her relocation and so many wonderful news from her family. She still managed to post wonderful dishes. Highlight was her thalis during Buffet on Table.

Next we have PJ, who always has her cup full of activities that surely leave my head spinning. I seriously don’t know how she manages her reading challenges. I was once a reading fanatic myself. Now the max reading I do is through my phone. Check out her recap through the year, it will surely leave you breathless.

Mir comes up with her recollection of 2015 and I am so glad for all the achievements she has. She has always amazed me with her skills in cracking new cuisines. Can’t wait to see what she will have for us in the new year!

Smruti Shah sends in her recap of Top 15 of 2015. With beautiful droolworthy pictures, its a feast to the eyes going through the recap

Finally from me, I would have wished for many more things to have happened. However that’s life right. You never know whats in store. So though there were lots of hurdles, ups and downs, I am ok with what I was able to do.Every new year, especially the month of January you are left with a wanting to push yourself to do many things that you want to do. Plan things better and experience life in the fullest. While I was in a hurry to pen my memories, so felt I need write down here.
I feel one has to decide and plan accordingly. Apart from what one usually decide, like eating healthy, exercising blah blah, I think one should just live the moment. Moments make memories and what more does one want in life!

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  1. As Vaishali said I do not have words to say.You truly knows about all of us very deeply.Let me tell you , I think you are the most talented lady I have ever met/ saw.
    Hopefully we will meet some day soon.Lots of best wishes and Cheers

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