Recap ~ Best of 2016

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It seems that I just wrote about 2015 and it’s now time to do a recap of what my friends have been doing during 2016.

Being unprepared and missing out few posts in Bakeathon has become a fashion. This year it’s been the Cyclone that prevented me from completing it on time. However, I have got some excellent varieties of Eggless Tea Cakes, which if you have not checked out, must check and bake for yourself. I managed to write about my thoughts and how it has been.

We are also quite busy gearing up for our upcoming BM#75 Meet and we will be sharing those details soon.

Now for the recap of what’s been happening around!

The first entry to land was from Richa Priyanka. She writes in on how it has been with her and her blogging goals. I always enjoy getting to know new bloggers.

Next came from Pavani. Even though she has been doing the BM along with me, it always makes me happy checking out her beautiful pictures once again. She has gone through two different migrations, yet she is back with high spirit to blog more about her passion.

Srividhya has always impressed me with her organised planning and things she writes down to make sure she is on the same page as I am. I have always enjoyed the sneak preview she gives me when she plans something. Her recollection again shows how well planned person she is. One interesting post I remember is her Asparagus Chutney.

Sowmya has been part of BM since 2015, however, I think this year she has been more regular and also managed to do a Mega BM with Soups for all 26 days, which if you ask me is mind blowing!

Asheera Haja lists her best of the year and meeting some Blogger friends during the course of the year. Meeting Blogging Friends is always such a wonderful feel. I am sure it must have been fantastic!

Then comes in Priya Suresh. She is truly one super woman. Managing two blogs and always on time, including a new demanding 9 to 6 job is commendable! The highlight of what I loved would be her AtoZ of French cuisine.

And we have Vaishali, one who never stops to amaze you with her talents be it cooking or anything that she does. Her A to Z Sindhi Sweet Recipes was amazing and if I was not shocked yet, she came out with 40+ varieties of Sandwiches!

Finally, my own list of memories and posts that stood out. While there are so many things that I might want to explore and do, I want to take things easy. I still have the work on the site migration and plan things better. It is with us to cherish each day, wanting to do something interesting to create lasting memories. I hope I do that.

I want to thank my blogging friends for their support in all the things I end up doing.  Here’s for a wonderful year to begin!

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  1. What a lovely recap of all the bloggers Best of 2016 Valli. Thank you for your kind words. You are such a great inspiration to all of us. Hope 2017 is a healthy and prosperous year for all of us.

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