Recap ~ Best of 2017

Recap 2017

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Some years ago, when the blogging scene was different, I used to host so many events each month that I used to be fully busy and jam packed schedule.

Some years later, I slowly realised that there are just too many events and hosting and doing a round up really takes so much time and effort! Until a few months back, I was having the Breakfast Mela every month. I so love breakfast meal of the day. Yet, somehow I stopped without knowing.

However, there are some events like the Bakeathon and this Best of the Year event, are something I continue without fail. Just before announcing, I even wanted to confirm with my BM friends if they would be interested to join me. As always, they willing support me in whatever mad crack I do. So you get to read the Roundup of the Best of the Year 2017 from us!

I have been delayed in publishing this post. Nevertheless, it’s now or never!

In the garden of flowers, like a lotus, I am amidst a bunch of others, who along with me, beautify the pond and make it more lively! ~ yours truly!


Do take a minute and enjoy what my friends had to share with all of us!

As always my first in line to support has always been Vaishali and none can beat her at being prompt or being disciplined in doing things. I still have so much to learn from her. Her wonderful recap was so nostalgic as she wrote so much about our BM#75 Edition Celebration at Delhi during Deb 2017. She hosted us and made the trip such a memorable one. Plus, all her recipes sound so easy to make that you would think her spectacular Indian Thalis are a baby’s task! You got to read to know what I am saying!

My main push for announcing this event as always been PJ, who says she gets to draft this Best of the Year post much ahead of itself. This conversation was something we had some years ago and that still runs in my mind. We all met during the Delhi meet and PJ is a person who wants to learn everything. Maybe that is the reason why she has such a huge book collection. She promises she will cook more from the book and I am so hoping she will!

I had the pleasure of meeting Archana during all our BM Meets and she literally rocks with her funny jokes and bright ideas. Last year she came up with some amazing ideas for Veg dishes to make for elders. Very impressive theme and so useful!

You have the master baker here, who will be more comfortable talking with the yeast and nothing else. Please do not assume she talks less. I met Sowmya for the first time during our Delhi Meet, oh boy it didn’t’ feel like first time and as with all members, in no time it appeared we all were thick buddies. She is a chatterbox and I love people who can shut my mouth!

Whats more amazing about her roundup is her collection of bread and bread! You literally have to hop in to explore and madam even went on to do AtoZ under Breads from across the globe.

Another blogger who has always been part of all the events I host and practically everything I do is Priya Suresh. While she used to blog about 2 to 3 posts before, she has reduced it because she took a day job. But that has never kept her away from blogging and she still does it so well on both her blogs. She manages to find all tough dishes and cooks like a breeze. I don’t have to intro much about this prolific blogger, just hop on to enjoy her dishes!

Pavani’s pictures are a feast for eyes always and though she was on a short break for few months, she still managed to create beautiful posts with wonderful pictures. My list of bookmarked dishes from her blog has kept increasing.

Srividhya followed a mantra that sounds fantastic and it is wonderful to see that she was diligent in following it. The highlight of her posts last year was using the now popular Instapot in cooking 26 different lentil dishes in Instapot. Do hop over and check them out!

Resuming blogging after a long break an be tough, yet Priya Kumar has managed to blog nonstop since she started again. She shares her memories of how it has been since and here’s wishing her all the best in the new year!

And finally from me, I managed to write about how it has been a year of different things and I am hoping I will do better this year along!


That’s all for this year!







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  1. That is a lovely recap Valli. I was smiling reading about our BM bloggers — we have become so close as a group in all these years — Big thanks to you. I wish I could come one of the BM celebrations — would love to meet you all in person.

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