SAKSHI ~ Another Copy Cat on the prowl!

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I am sure most of you must know the feeling you get when you find your work being copied and reproduced in another place without even a word referring to you. The gut feeling you get is hard to explain! I have seen many of my post reproduced online, though I always felt bad and left complaints, most never bothered removing it. But being a victim of Plagiarism by press that gives hard copies, is another feeling all together!

This Sunday, my FIL bought this SAAKSHI “FUNDAY” Daily Newspaper Magazine and he was telling me that the recipes featured in this edition were looking good. I just peeped in and was shocked looking at my blog pictures starting back at me. The paper had just lifted not just the pictures but the entire recipe and has featured in their page, with no credit or any mention of my blog. I was left feeling awful, helpless at the same time.

Imagine, they have such readership and this is the way they are treated. Least they could have done, is to credit the source, not a word of such thing! Shame of them. The so called journalism, its purely thieving, if you ask me. If they so wanted, they could have atleast asked before lifting it just like that!

The picture in the center is the Panasa Thonalu and the other vibrant red is Ashoka Halwa

Atleast the other picture I saw in print, was lifted because it looked good and used in a menu card in our club, which was much better. The manager atleast said he didn’t know about such things, he just asked his person to get good pictures from net. And he happened to select from that. They had revamped the menu card and the manager wanted to add more pictures to make it more lively. When I was browsing through the courses, I saw one picture I knew I got for the Roti mela, it was parathas all stacked up! I was thinking how mean they just lifted like that and to my shock my eyes fell on my picture of Andhra Chicken Pulusu. When we confronted him, he couldn’t believe it was mine, but said he would’ve added my name had he knew it was mine.

That was much better than Sakshi people lifting content from my blog and claiming they did it to their readers!

How do we protect such things! Just because we are publishing content for free doesn’t mean anyone can lift and pass on as their own.

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  1. That show how much they are educated! I just saw Asha’s post has been lifted without credit and now ur’s printed in bold! Going more and more though this theft nowadays…

  2. hi,
    I am so sorry to see this valli, they should have at least informed u, God! how can they do this, I am sorry for Asha too!!, this is intriguing, they must do something about this….at least let's hope to see this comments and write to you and say sorry in their paper, and publish ur name saying that they took the recipe & photos from ur blog…I am really sorry valli…

  3. im soo sorry about what happened?? i wish there is soemthing we can do about this..but it is the first time im hearing about someone thieving like this other than a blog!!! It is such a shame!

  4. It’s crazy someone thinks they can get away with this… but think that your food is so good, someone WANTS to steal it… Really, some people are morons!

  5. Sorry for this valli..Newspapers vallu kuda ila chestara..This is not the right way of journalism..Ilantivi chusthe chala kopam vastudi..but we cant do anything…Hmm its the newspaper of the honarable C.M of A.P….

  6. I am so sorry about that Sri! I understand how hurt and angry you must be. Hope you call those newspaper people, they should pay you atleast.
    I saw some of my photos in a UK restaurant menu ad too. My photo under their “Aloo Baingan” title. Don’t they cook Aloo Baingan there everyday to serve, why take my photo? Very strange to me.
    This Param guy is not listed his e mail or contact and he is making money by attracting people to his site by showing my whole post!
    It’s a shame we can’t do anything to close their blogs or sites, just watch and get angry.

  7. I am so sorry for you. I bet they could not find any other picture of Panasa Thonalu other than yours. Though it is made in most andhra homes, you were the first to have it on a food blog. Send a complaint letter to Saakshi.

  8. This is terrible Valli..just read Asha’s post too..Horrible people..You should complain or atleast call them n talk whats going on..You can also protect your images n disable right click n al..drop me a mail if you are not sure how to do it..

  9. My sympathies Srivalli… I know exactly how you must be feeling and more. One of my posts was also plagiarized by a fellow blogger but was subsequently deleted under pressure.
    Also, It is a very good idea to have water marks on your pictures That makes it harder to steal.

    Shame on the publishers. Do let us know if they have a online version/blog/comment section where we can all pile our numbers together and make sure they dare not repeat it. May be you can lodge a complaint at the editorial. If they are sensible they will acknowledge.

  10. That’s really a shame! I hope you talk to the concerned people in the media and it gets sorted out. Had thgt it had stopped for a while, but seems like there is no need to theft.

  11. Can guess how angry you must be..dunno how these people r enjoying other’s works by copying without the owner’s permission…Send a complaint letter to Sakshi, dont leave this affair Valli…

  12. I am so sorry Valli..its really sad to see such things happening.First I read Asha’s experience and now this.Some people have no conscience at all and never think twice before copying someone else’s work as thier own.I think all of us should stand up against it.

  13. The person before me is right. This is something you can do since it is not even an internet theft, and the doers are people whom you have spoken too. Don’t take the pay. Just sue them! If not at least demand an apology in writing or something!

  14. Sorry abt that..You should write to the magazine and ask them for an explanation, they cannot just take it off your blog and put it there. Dont just let it go.

  15. Hello Valli..So sorry to hear this..I could understand how you would have felt when seeing your own in others..It is really shame to steal other’s content..Did u contact the magazine?

  16. Some time back I’ve seen Anita’s rajma photo in DNA.And now it’s your turn.
    Irony is after (A)SATYAM,….Sakshi doesn’t seem to have any MANASSAKSHI.Is it a mere coincidence that both are from our mother land?
    Meeku sakshi funday online patrika link istunnanu Page no 25 lo mee vantalu unnayi.

  17. I have one qn…

    there must be javascripts which disables right clicking in a page , and disallows copying images & text.. But I have a doubt if it will allow google images to get your content correctly…cuz image searches are always making a thumbsized image of a picture … do u have any idea about it valli?

  18. That sounds terrible Sri. I know the feeling … Harini is right … you should demand an apology that should be in the same paper … and it should delcare your name and blog too. People can stoop to any level to skip hard work.

  19. So selfish people they pick our pictures that we painstakingly click and take time to post and in no seconds this is lifted by someone just to improvise their site or attract readers. They should at least be sorry and should ask the paper to publish your details on the next issue. This is not fair!

  20. Thank you everybody, I sent a mail asking for explanation, there is no response from them. I don’t’ think they are bothered about it. Will see if I can do something online

  21. hi valli,

    visiting all the blogs after a long time….gosh i have missed so much action! its so awful to see people have lost originality in them! seriously the hotel guys they cook everyday …cant they take photos on their own…..all of them represent such fine institutes of hotel managements!

  22. Srivalli garu, same thing happened with a leading press media.. which I use to work for, My blog followers in cardiff intimated me about the henious act, and I was shocked to see that the site had all of my and only my recipes which I had sent them,… I was a awestruck trauma,,and this happened just in recent times,

    I suggest u to act upon it immediately registar a complaint on the issue at cyber crimes, and Digital Milienium Copyrights Act, supports it. They can be punished and you can even claim compensation in case your evidences are strong enough to support your version.. go a head we need to act upon this…all the very best.

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