Soups and Salads Mela ~ Part 1

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With so many entries I was bound to be late with the round up and as expected it got delayed. We have over  146 entries for this Mela, with about 62 different Salads to choose and rest all appetizing Soups! When I announced Soups and Salads Mela, I wanted to make sure I get enough to help me plan my salad days. I must say I have been very happy.
For today, lets see the Soups that came in.
Amy’s Cream of Mushroom Soup, Cream of Parsley & Onion Soup

Archana’s Cal de Verde & Tomato Soup
Ashwini’s Low Fat Broccolli Soup
Cool Lassi(e)’s Meatball and Collards with Pasta Soup. Red Lentil Soup with Mint and Potatoes, Roasted Vegetable Bisque
Dhyuthi’s Cabbage Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Spicy Indian Yogurt Soup & Spinach Carrot soup
Divya Viswanathan’s Healthy Vegetarian Minestrone Soup & Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Gayathri Kumar’s Carrot Soup
Harini – Jaya’s Black Eyed Peas Soup, Cabbage-Chickpea Soup, Carrot-Orange Soup With Curried Tofu, Curried Carrot Lentil Soup, Red Chori Bean Soup & Soy Chunks – Vegetable Soup
Kalyani’s Schezwan Tom Yum Soup
Kavi’s Sopa De Ajo (Castilian Garlic Soup)
Krithi Karthi’s Apple Celery Soup, Broccoli – Cheese Soup, Minestrone Soup, Mixed Vegetable Soup, Tomato Basil Soup & Vegetable Clear Soup with Quinoa

Malathi Savitha’s Corn Carrot Soup, Ragi Soup & Simple Potato Soup
Meenakshi’s Vegetable and Lentil Soop
Nisha’s Cream of Broccoli Soup
Pavitra’s Tomato Oats Soup
PJ’s Minty Lemon rasam
Pradnya’s Alpha Past Soup, Mulligatawny Soup, French Onion Soup, Gazpacho Soup & Sweet Corn Soup

Priya Suresh’s Mushroom Glass Noodles Soup, Onion Soup, Pumpkin Oats Soup, & Vegetable Clear Soup
Priyadarshine’s Tomato Soup
Rajani’s Creamy Tomato Soup, Mixed Vegetable Soup, Rice Soup – Kanji Tomato Salsa
Rudra’s Cold Cucumber Soup, Gazpacho & Green Pea Soup
Sadhana’s Spinach & Bean Soup
Shobha’s Clear Corn Soup, Cream of Spinach Soup Rajma Soup

Smitha Joga’s Indianized Vegetable soup with lentils, Mexican Tortilla Soup & Vegetable and Corn Chowder
Sukanya’s Cream of Mushroom Soup
Suma Gandlur’s Black Bean – Carrot Soup, Black Eyed Peas Soup, Broccoli – Cheese Soup & Corn Soup
Sumedha’s Pumpkin Soup
Vani Hegde’s Sweet Corn Veg Soup

Vardhini’s Carrot Lentil Soup, Garlic, Chickpea and Spinach Soup , Minestrone Soup & Oven Roasted Tomato Soup
Veena krishnakumar’s Cream of carrot soup, Persian Shorba, Pumpkin Soup, Roasted beet-carrot soup & yellow bell pepper soup

Amita’s Chicken & Almond Soup
A recipe from my reader

Ingredients Needed:

Chicken stock – 1 Litre
Almonds slivers. – 20 – 25 no
Salt/ Black pepper/ ajinomoto – to taste
Soya sauce+ Vinegar – Just enough to add colour and give that tangy taste.
Cornflour – 2/3 tbsps
Almond essence.+ Butter – if required (a few drops only)
Parsley – A few leaves

How to make Chicken Stock

This can be made from boiling one small broiler chicken which has been thoroughly washed/ cleaned & patted dry. Add I litre of water+ Chicken jointed into 4/6 pieces+ laung (5/6 pieces) + dalchini (1inch piece)+ Nutmeg (1cm bit coarsely crushed) + adequate amt of salt)

After boiling  and checking that the chicken is tender, the chicken may be drained & set aside.

Almonds slivers.
Almonds – washed and soaked in water for i hour/ or heated in a microwave 3 mts. Cool and peel, and cut longitudinally into slivers. Set aside.

How to make the Chicken and Almond Soup

Put chicken stock on the burner.
Add all ingredients except the slivers of Almonds and cornflour.
Let it simmer on a low flame stirring in between till the ingredients mix well and the aroma pervades the room. This might take about 10 mts
Thicken with the cornflour mixed in a little water to make a smooth homogeneous paste. Remember to keep on stirring continuously while adding the cornflour else it will get lumpy
Add 1/2the slivers of almonds into it.
Serve hot along with parsley and left over slivers of almonds

Jaleela kamal’s Sweet corn Chicken soup
Smitha Joga’s Chicken Chilli Soup
Taruna Deepak’s Chicken Soup


Will be back with the Salads shortly, I hope I have included all the soups that came my. My sincere apologies if any entry is missed.

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  1. wow!!a nice round up!! & happy I could participate too….I am a soup & salad lover too,now this is a book marked page for me….Thanks for your time & patience…

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