Oats Dosa ~ Instant No Ferment Dosa

Oats Dosa

Oats Dosa is one of the easiest and instant dishes you can make. All you need is to mix the flours and make the dosas right away. In this version of Oats Dosa, I used ground Urad Dal flour. While one may not expect everybody to have Urad dal flour on hand, you can always […]

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Nachni Uttapam | How to make Finger Millet Uttapam

Nachini Dosa

Nachni Uttapam or Ragi Uttapam is an easy dosa made with Finger Millet flour and is very healthy for any meal. Since this millet dosa is widely prepared across India, I was unable to tag it to a particular state. However, I borrowed the Nachni word for Ragi Millet from Marathi. While I have made […]

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Mushti Dosa | How to make Konkani Pancakes

Mushti Dosa

Mushti Dosa is a Konkani Dosa made with rice, poha and grated coconut. This dosa is very soft and tastes very delightful. This Mushti Dosa is one of the popular and traditional dishes from the Konkani cuisine. Mushti means ‘handful or fistful’. And it refers to the phrase of a fistful of nutrition. I adapted […]

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Lentil Dosa | Mixed Dal Dosai from Tamil Nadu

Lentil Dosa

Lentil Dosa or Mixed Dal Dosai from Tamil Nadu is made only of lentils without Rice. So this almost instant Dosa is No Rice Dosa and is very healthy Diabetic food. I made this with 3 different lentils and the batter came out so well. Since this doesn’t require fermentation, you can almost soak it […]

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Kadapa Karam Dosa

Kadapa Karam Dosa

Kadapa Karam Dosa is a popular Dosa variety from Kadapa which is a city in Andhra. The specialty of this dosa is the different chutneys spread on it and served with a variety of side dishes. The batter is also slightly different as it has cumin seeds added to the batter. Andhra cuisine is known […]

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Jini Dosa ~ Spicy Cheese Dosa Mumbai Street Food

Jini Dosa

Jini Dosa is a popular street food from Mumbai made with regular dosa batter, topped with veggies and a mix of sauces, finally topped with cheese. This is supposed to be one of the most popular dishes to try from the Mumbai Street Foods. When I was doing the AtoZ International Street Food during April, […]

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ILam Dosai | Soft Dosai from Chettinad

ILam Dosai

Ilam Dosai, spelt als E’lam Dosai is from the Chettinad Cuisine, Tamil Nadu. Ilam dosa is absolutely soft and can be folded like a handkerchief. These soft naturally fermented dosa is light on the stomach and can be served for breakfast or dinner. Since its cooked on low flame, it hardly needs oil and is […]

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Heerekai Dosa | Ridge Gourd Dosa from Karnataka

Heerekai Dosa

Heerekai Dosa is a popular dosa from Karnataka made with Ridge Gourd and a spice batter that requires no fermentation. This dosa is a diabetic friendly breakfast dish where thin sliced ridge gourd is dipped in the batter and placed on the hot tawa together to form a dosa. The spices added to the batter […]

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Ghaaroda ~ Leftover Rice Besan Pancake


Ghaaroda is a thick pancake from Gujarat made with leftover cooked rice and Besan. This is yet another quick and instant pancakes you can make. The couple of sites I referred were entries sent to my Dosa Mela 12 years ago. After finalizing my dosa list, when I still had couple of letters to search, […]

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Farali Dosa | Sama Ke Chawal Dosa for Vrat

Farali Dosa

Farali Dosa, a dish made during Vrat or Fasting days, uses Barnyard Millets and Sago. This is a quick and instant Dosa that can be made within 10 mins. Since it was quite tough to get dishes starting with F for Indian Flatbreads, I knew it would be the same with Dosa Varieties. However, I […]

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Eylanchi | Madakku San from Kerala


The Eylanchi is a sweet pancake from Kerala made with All Purpose Flour, Egg filled with a sweet coconut filling. Eylanchi is also called Madakku San, sometimes tagged as Love Letters. This is a regular pancake batter cooked as dosas and filled with filings. This surely makes a wonderful tea time snack, if you remember […]

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