How to make Paneer 65 ~ Restaurant Style

Paneer 65

I have with me one of the most ubiquitous dishes of all! The Paneer 65 Restaurant Style. In fact, any restaurant will run for its money after this. That’s a tall order, I know. However, that’s the feedback we got after our cousin tasted this and were not satisfied with just what was served. The […]

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Garlic Breadsticks ~ Dominos Style

Life is full of Eureka moments, all it takes is for you to pause and enjoy them! I guess it also is got to do with the month we are in. December has always been a month when I pause more than before and become very nostalgic and ponder at the pace life seems to […]

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Spicy Fish Fry | Seer Fish Fry | Vanjaram Meen Varuval

When I was eating Non Veg, fish was the one thing I always preferred to eat than other options. Especially the fish fries used to be very famous and most sought out. Parents used to host lot of parties and Fish fries would surely feature on the table. It was the time when Amma started […]

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Chicken Fry with Poppy Seeds and Spices

Today’s Chicken fry is yet another recipe we made during the Party couple of weeks back. The recipe is very simple and got very good feedback from the guests. Though chicken fry or roast gets done every other week, and end up being a morphed version of the many varieties that we make, I feel […]

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Fried Keema Balls | Keema Undalu | Step By Step Recipe

Fried Keema Balls

Fried Keema Balls or Keema Undalu are a popular Andhra fried dish made with minced meat with spices and deep fried. These make a wonderful snack and a delicious dish in a thali. Kheema Balls always featured in our discussions when Hubby dear talks about his Aunt and Uncle. He never misses a chance to […]

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