Chukka Aaku Pachadi | How to make Chukka Aaku Chutney

Chukka Aaku Chutney - Indian Mini Thali

Chukka Aaku Pachadi is a chutney made with Indian Sorrel or Ambat Chukka that can be served with rice. Chukka Aaku is also called as Ambat Chukka or Indian Sorrel. I am not sure exactly about the Indian name. However, it is slightly sour in taste and makes a wonderful greens for making chutney or […]

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Thakkali Chutney | How to make Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney

Thakkali Chutney or Tomato Chutney is a regular one made at home for Tiffins. This version involves using just the goodness of tomato on its own, and making a thick condiment that serves as a good side dish for Dosa. As I have said, our regular chutney most tiffins is always Peanut Chutney. We make […]

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Kothimeera Pachadi | Kothamalli Chutney for Dosas

Kothamalli Chutney

Kothimeera Pachadi is a popular Andhra Style Chutney that has a long shelf life and can be served with any tiffin or Steamed Rice. Makes a healthy side dish. After the Allam Pachadi I shared yesterday, this Coriander Leaves Chutney was the other dish that Amma’s friend shared. This is very much similar to the […]

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How to make Tomato Pickle | Andhra Tomato Pachadi

Andhra Tomato Pachadi

Tomato Pickle or this Andhra Tomato Pachadi makes an excellent chutney to be served for Idlies or Dosas. This is the latest addiction at home and have already made it couple of times. This gets served for every tiffin dish that gets served. Chutneys in the morning is always Peanut Chutney. So adding this to […]

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Kothimira Pachadi | Kothamalli Chutney for Dosas

One can never have enough chutneys to make. Even with over 70+ chutney recipes, I still have something new to share today. This one happens to be again one that I noted down from Athamma. She is a master in making Chutneys, Podis, and Pickles and never misses a chance to make a new one.This […]

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Gongura Podi | Andhra Spice Powder

I have a fancy for spice powders and when it comes to Andhra Cuisine, you will find so many varieties. I have grown up, seeing so many spice powders getting made and served. Amma’s Podi is always such a favorite among my favorites and is always stocked. Athamma is also known for all the chutneys […]

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Curry Leaves Chutney Recipe | Karivepaku Pachadi

This version of Karivepaku Chutney, is yet another delicious spread you can have for your Dosas. You can either serve as a dip or simply spread over cooked dosa, before serving. Athamma makes this chutney quite often during the season when we get fresh curry leaves, which are tender as well. Since there is no […]

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Mango Chutney ~ Andhra Mamidikaya Pachadi

Making the best of the season, here’s another pachadi made with unripe mangoes. Wonder how this recipe never made way here. However I am happy I got it recorded when Amma made it this time. This is one of those regular dishes she makes during the season.  We mostly mix this with steaming rice with […]

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