Rabri | How to make Rabdi


Rabri or rabdi is a traditional Indian sweet of thickened sweetened milk with layers of cream. It has mixed nuts added to it and can be served on its own or along with other dishes. This is a thick sweeten dessert made by reducing the milk to almost 1/3rd to the original quantity and garnished […]

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Eggless Blondie with Oreo Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Eggless Blondie with Oreo Ice Cream

Eggless Blondies with Oreo Chocolate Chip Ice Cream topped with Caramel Sauce, Dulce De Leche is a sinful dessert that is simply out of the world served together. In the series of Combo Desserts, the next combo is a sinful eggless blondie paired with oreo ice cream. The best part was the final drizzle with […]

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