Paneer Butter Masala Restaurant Style

Paneer Butter Masala - Restaurant Style

Paneer Butter Masala Restaurant Style is a creamy rich gravy made with soft and spongy paneer or Indian Cottage Cheese. This makes a delicious side dish for any Indian Bread. While I don’t have a dearth of Paneer gravies or Paneer Dishes, I was so tempted to make this again when I came across this […]

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Matar Paneer Dhaba Style

Mattar Paneer Dhaba Style

Matar Paneer Dhaba Style is a rich and creamy gravy dish that can be served with any Indian Bread or Pulao. Mutter Paneer is a North Indian gravy made with a rich onion tomato gravy with fresh peas and paneer. Fresh peas and paneer make this gravy an excellent one to enjoy anytime. When I […]

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Navratan Kurma | How to make Navratan Korma

Navratan Kurma

Navratan Kurma or Navratan Korma is a typical Indian cream gravies that have about nine different ingredients added to the dish with a cream base for the gravy. This makes an excellent side dish for mild pulaos. I made this Navratan Kurma as the side dish when I was making Moti Pulao  As the pulao […]

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Butterscotch Ice Cream with Butterscotch Sauce

For the final day of cooking One Sauce, Two dishes, under BM#65, I made Butterscotch Sauce and for the first dish, it was an Eggless Butterscotch Custard Cake. So the second day say Butterscotch Ice Cream made with the sauce. The Ice Cream is my regular No churn Ice Cream made with just Cream and […]

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Paneer Butter Masala, yet another form!

For the final week of BM#55, I picked up to do Bookmarked recipes. I know everyone would be having endless bookmarks, and with each edition of BM, my list grows bigger and bigger. Infact it has become so bad that I hardly ever refer my physical cookbooks. That’s why I make sure I do the […]

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No Bake Chocolate Lasagna ~ No Bake Dishes

For the second day of No Bake Dishes, I made a Chocolate Lasagna. The recipe was pretty long, however  I made over two days and I didn’t find it so tough. The dessert ends up being very rich, so take caution on how you portion it.  Since I took them right off the fridge, the […]

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